How to Tell if Your Partner is Lying

There are times when we are unsure of our trust for the person we are in love with, and it might not be every time that they are completely honest with us. What if we tell you that there are ways to tell if your partner is lying to you. The tells are pretty easy to spot too. 

They act differently

The way lie detection works is that its baseline is that if someone does something that they normally wouldn’t do, the deviation is generally seen as a stress response probably because they are being deceptive. You will notice them cancelling plans more often or they will love bombing you in a way that they are trying to make up for something. You will be able to notice the difference which acts as a sign that they are hiding something.

Always be wary of the changes in the behavior of a partner, more often than not it means something.

Their social media doesn’t add up

Social media has become a way to do a lot of things differently, one of the things we use it for is to see how people in our lives live their life, this also includes our partners. If your partner has already told you a plan and you think you are apprised of their plan but then on Instagram their check in is at a different place or they haven’t exactly been truthful about their plans in the first place then it could mean that something is up.

It is one of the most common things divorce counselors hear about, the person saying they are with their friends but the posts show that they are at places they never mentioned to a partner.

A lot counsellors advise that couples establish social media rules to avoid hurting each other’s feelings.

They proclaim about not knowing how to lie

This is a common psychology fact that comes from behavior analysis and scientists, always remember if someone says they dont lie they are most probably lying. This is also something that law enforcement is also painfully aware of. 

White lies are quite common and are harmless often. The difference between the small lies and prolonged dishonesty is that the latter has consequences that can potentially hurt the foundation of a relationship.

Watch out for “I didn’t do it”

The words that your partner uses can always be a sign to know what they mean. If you have a slight suspension of them from doing something and they outright say “I didn’t do it ” there could be a chance that they are lying to you.

The shorter the syntax the more chance of them doing the act they said they didn’t do.

Notice how much eye contact they make

Scientifically speaking the most common telltale of how to catch someone lying is that not making eye contact or making less eye contact means that your partner has something to hide.

If your partner is someone who normally makes eye contact and during a particular conversation h they are unable to look you in the eye that most probably means they are lying unless they are neurodivergent.

They lean away

You should also look out for their body language, people who are lying to you may unconsciously lean away from you when they are having an unpleasant conversation about their actions to establish psychological distance.

They call YOU a liar 

Once confronted with something, if your partner is trying to accuse you of lying or cheating then it could be their way of trying to absolve themselves of blame and try to pin the blame on you. A lot of counselors believe that if your partner can lie, cheat or steal they will have it in them to assume that you might be up to the same actions.

Someone is telling you that your partner might be lying 

This may be the hardest part, if someone that knows your partner is telling you that they might not be being honest with you, you should take caution. This is one of the most common signs that people in love with rose-colored glasses often avoid.


Of course, you should be wary of the signs but remember that they are not the same for everyone, it’s important to establish a safe space for your partner to be able to tell you things but more often than not these signs do mean that a partner might be lying to you.

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