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Navigating Auto Accidents in Phoenix, Arizona: Why You Need an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer - Slosh Spot

Navigating Auto Accidents in Phoenix, Arizona: Why You Need an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

In Phoenix, Arizona, acting promptly when filing claims for personal injury arising from car accidents is crucial. Under Arizona Statute Section 12-542, car accident victims are given a restricted timeframe of two years to pursue compensation from the liable parties. This makes it crucial for anyone involved in a car crash to consult promptly with a qualified auto accident lawyer.

Unfortunately, many first-time plaintiffs fail to realize the immense value of engaging a car accident lawyer early in their legal proceedings. These lawyers play multiple roles and carry out critical functions on behalf of the injured party, including evaluating claims, investigating facts, gathering evidence, mediating with insurers and opposing counsel, meeting filing deadlines, negotiating settlements, and litigating claims.

At Hirsch & Lyon, they are dedicated to the client’s well-being and committed to fighting for their rights. The team of skilled car accident attorneys has a demonstrated history of achievement, meaning its clients and their families have received over $100 million in compensation.

Understanding Arizona’s Comparative Fault Laws: How a Lawyer Assesses Your Right to Compensation

Arizona follows the doctrine of pure comparative fault, also known as pure comparative negligence. But what does this mean for car accident victims seeking compensation?

Pure comparative fault allows the court to allocate liability among all parties involved, including the plaintiff. In complex cases, multiple parties may share blame for the accident due to their negligent behavior. Each party’s fault is assessed and assigned a percentage of the total mark.

To illustrate, let’s consider a scenario where you were injured in a highway accident. The defendant-driver was distracted, talking on their phone, while you were speeding during the collision. Applying Arizona’s pure comparative fault system, the court may determine that the defendant was 80% responsible and you were 20% reliable. This means your potential damages of $500,000 would be reduced to $400,000 to account for your contribution to the accident.

The Pitfalls of Settling for Insurance Payouts

Numerous victims of accidents often commit the error of agreeing to insurance settlements without scrutinizing the proposed sum or their actual entitlement. Insurance companies are primarily focused on safeguarding their financial interests, and they might present victims with settlement offers that appear to be generous. However, these offers are often low and fail to account for the victim’s losses fully.

We highly recommend that victims seek the guidance of a car accident lawyer before agreeing to any settlement offer. An experienced attorney will thoroughly assess the evidence, evaluate the extent of injuries and property damage, consider the potential loss of wages, and calculate short and long-term financial costs. With their expertise, victims have a significantly higher chance of recovering substantially more compensation than the insurance company initially offered.

Beyond Settlement Issues: Dealing with Insurance Companies

Auto accident victims frequently find themselves in protracted disputes with insurance companies. These disputes can involve undervalued damage appraisals and delayed repair payments, making it an uphill battle for the victims.

A car accident lawyer in Phoenix can provide invaluable support and guidance in such situations. Whether the dispute is with the victim’s insurer or that of the at-fault driver, an attorney experienced in handling insurance claims can negotiate a better and faster resolution.

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