Interesting Ways to Reuse Your Empty Beer Bottles

beer bottles

If you really enjoy drinking beer and have hosted many parties over the years, chances are that you may have acquired hundreds of beer bottles.  Being a steward of the environment, you do not wish to throw these away.  You wonder, how can I reuse these bottles?  Here are some fun and interesting ways to reuse them.

Have you ever thought of crafting your own beer?  Many home brewers often order empty bottles to fill them up with the beer they make.  Save yourself some money when you start out by reusing your empty bottles.  Wash these bottles and fill them up with your own great tasting beer!

Do you light up candles in your home?  Instead of buying a candle stand, use an empty beer bottle.  Simply drink the beer, cut the bottle if you wish, and place the candle inside.  Now you can have yourself a simple, yet elegant candle holder.  When cutting the bottle, make sure to use a bottle cutter and sand it thoroughly.  Get professional help if needed.

Do you enjoy placing flowers around the house?  Empty beer bottles can be great flower vases.  Simply take some flowers and place them inside.  If you don’t enjoy the clear green or brown colors of beer bottles, take your favorite paint color and paint the bottles.  Let the artist inside you come out and add more decoration to your beer bottle flower vase!

Did you ever think about adding some lighting decorations to your home?  If so, you could cut beer bottles, place lights in them, and arrange them in a decorative fashion to make your own chandelier and show off your creativity!

Can’t wait to get out the musician inside you?  You could try to arrange several beer bottles in a row, fill them with varying amounts of water (color the water using food coloring), tie them together, and cap them off.  All you need is some xylophone mallets to play your instrument.  You can play for yourself or your guests at the next party!

Do you need a way to hold all your pens and pencils?  If so, an empty beer bottle will help.  Cut off part of a beer bottle with the appropriate cutter and sand off the cut portion.  Decorate or paint if you want.  Now you have a cheap pencil holder!

If you run out of ideas or you really don’t feel like doing anything with your empty beer bottles, remember to recycle them.  In some states, you could get up to 5-10 cents per empty battle.  Though not a great return on investment, this can get you some quick cash for your next set of beers!

If you are an avid drinker, you may have a lot of empty beer bottles!  Before throwing them away, bring out the artist inside you and try out these ideas!  Save yourself some money too!  If you do not feel like it or are not up to it, then please give it to your local recyclers or give it to stores for some potential cash!

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