Man of the Century: Bringing Some Vintage Charm to Your Life

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In a world that’s getting more and more confusing and stressful, with politicians and newspapers appealing to the worst instincts in people, and Doomsday Clock recently moved closer to apocalypse than any time in human history, we need to look to the past for comfort. It’s no surprise that some classic trends and fashions have made their way back to the mainstream, and today we’re presenting a short guide for men to add a little vintage charm to their lives as a protective buffer against the stresses of the modern age.

Facial Hair

While the 90s and 00s were largely clean shaven, moustaches and beards are back in a big way. If you’re prepared to take care of it, your facial hair can be a fashion accessory, means of self-expression and even a full-on lifestyle!

Whether you just indulge for one month in Movember or you keep a full beard all the year round, groomed and sculpted by a traditional shaving kit, it’s a traditional touch that can make you stand out as a more reserved, sculpted, classical man.

Vintage Styles

If you’re looking to invoke the elegant look of a more civilised age, there’s no better place to start than your wardrobe. Cultivating a classic look needn’t be difficult or expensive: simply searching through charity shops in search of bargains is a great start and could land you with a few pieces to base an outfit around, or add a bit of flair to your usual look: if you normally wear a shirt to work, adding a waistcoat to your ensemble makes you stand out from the crowd with a bit of vintage charm!

If you’re looking for specific items to complete a look, it’s worth checking out specialist vintage clothing shops like Armstrong Vintage in Edinburgh – a network of shops spread across the city that are a veritable cornucopia of delights from all eras!


Most music is now digital and streamed from internet services like Spotify. This is convenient and helps you discover new tracks, but it means it’s rare for anyone to own a music collection anymore. If you’re trying to invoke a sense of classic class and calm, try getting in on the booming vinyl revolution! There’s no substitute for picking out exactly the right record from your carefully chosen collection – it’s more satisfying by far than picking a playlist with a couple of taps of your thumb.

Once you’ve got a record player, the hunt for LPs is a never ending hobby, whether you’re after the latest prestige releases from modern artists or searching for forgotten treasures in charity shops and vintage stores.

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