Maternity Wear for the Working Mom-to-Be

Congratulations on your baby-to-be! Extra congratulations are in order if you’ve been working through your pregnancy. Being pregnant in an office environment can be difficult. Not only do you have to take much more bathroom breaks than normal, but you also won’t be able to squeeze through corners you usually could do. You’re more tired, hungrier, and you have to take some time off before and after the baby comes, so your deadlines probably feel even tighter than your waistband. Regardless, we hope that you and your office are just as excited about the new arrival as we are!


As your pregnancy progresses, you’ll likely run out of a lot of options for attractive workwear. Unfortunately, there just aren’t as many companies making maternity workwear as there should be, and attractive maternity workwear gets slimmer as the belly gets bigger. If you need some professional clothes that will fit your growing bump and still be comfortable, all hope isn’t lost. You might just find some of these items in your closet already. Look no further than this list of maternity wear for the working mom-to-be!

Flowy Blouses and Shirts

One item that’s sure to please your growing belly and the loose dress code at work is a flowy blouse. You might have a blouse or two already in your closet that would work. If your partner is male, then you might also be able to borrow one of his button-down shirts that will be able to stretch around your belly if he’s willing to share. That also might be a nice reminder of your partner’s warmth on a particularly bad day at work. You’ll need your partner’s support through more than just the birth! 

If you’re looking to buy more blouses that would fit the bill, you don’t necessarily have to buy those for maternity. Buying in a couple sizes up from your pre-pregnancy size might be all you need. Once the baby is born, you can probably tuck or tailor these blouses, so they can still be wearable, and you won’t have to buy a ton of clothes you don’t plan on wearing again.

Pro tip: There are even some companies who will let you rent maternity wear, as long as it’s returned within a certain time period and still in good condition.

Style your blouse with a blazer, some trousers, or even jeans if it’s a casual Friday. Add any other flair you’d like to! 

Black, Stretchy Pants 

Once your pregnancy hits the 8-month mark, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible if you’ve yet to take your maternity leave. What’s more important at this time? Pants that stretch with your belly. If you get a pair of pants that will comfortably stretch (perhaps there’s an exceptionally forgiving waistband) with you, keep them at all costs. Wearing them in black will give you extra chic credits and will be slimming in all the ways you need them to be. Try to avoid anything like leggings, as they can come across as unprofessional if not styled correctly.  

Statement Dresses 

If you’re someone who wants to show your bump off as you grow, go you! Pregnancy is a beautiful period in a woman’s life, and it shouldn’t be hidden away. It should be celebrated! If you still want to look fashion-forward and professional at work, you can continue as you dressed before. You’ll just have to plan for the bump’s extra accommodations.

A statement dress is usually identified by its pattern. If you want to flatter your bump and your body, then go with florals, vertical stripes, or small polka dots.

You can go as tight as you want, depending on how you feel about your body at the time, or you can totally pull off a Stevie Nicks like the 70s flowy style. It’s all about your personal style and what’s both comfortable and appropriate. Long-sleeves are generally great, so you can hide any problem areas you don’t feel so confident about. If you’re carrying a summer baby, then you might feel more comfortable with a shorter sleeve and a cardigan. Once you’ve got your girl pieces squared away, you can start shopping for your little one at

A Cozy Sweater 

You can’t go wrong with a cozy sweater. There are several maternity options in chunky knits, but there are also sweaters that are made to be naturally baggy. Whatever your preference, a cozy sweater will keep you warm and cozy if you’re having a winter baby, and can be really fashion-forward as long as the shape, color, and material are still elegant. For more of a statement, try vibrant colors, patterns, or a chunky turtleneck.

Good Shoes – Must-Have

Depending on what your working style is, i.e., if you have a standing or sitting desk, an open floor plan, or if you’re on your feet for a significant part of the day, you’ll probably need to have a good pair of shoes. When you’re pregnant, your feet can swell whole sizes larger than they were pre-pregnancy! You’ll want shoes that don’t pinch your feet or that are so high that you run the risk of falling. While you won’t want to give up on everything and buy a sensible pair of clogs just yet, you’ll want to slip those tired feet into something way more comfortable for the workday.

Now that many offices don’t have strict dress codes, you can likely get away with a neutral, comfortable pair of sneakers. You can also get a nice pair of loafers that will likely last you a long time, and you might even find a short pair of boots with a soft lining to keep your feet pillowed and warm. Whatever you choose, keep those feet as comfortable as possible. Pretty soon, they’ll be running after a little one.

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