Netflix & Chill: 8 Brilliant Movies for a Dorm Room Date Night

Students in romantic relationships or those who want to have a perfect date with someone special have tons of movie options to make the night remarkable. From romantic comedies, and drama to action, this post is an excellent resource for anyone looking to have a magical dorm date.

Everyone knows how stressful and time-consuming it can be trying to figure out what to watch on Netflix. Not every person has the patience to go through the massive collection of movies, and that’s why this article is a goldmine.

Here are some of the fantastic movies students can watch during a date.


Something’s Gotta Give

This is a 2003 film written by Nancy Meyers. This one’s for anyone interested in romantic comedy. This movie will not only have you falling in love with the plot but the actors as well. It’s a story about two seniors who end up living under the same roof, despite the unusual circumstances that have them there in the first place.

The male protagonist is a typical Casanova, while the woman is divorced and not interested in dating. Even though the pair despise each other at first, they end up spending time together, which leads to a weird affection.

The Gift

The Gift is a 2015 film that revolves around a young couple who has their life interrupted by a mysterious friend who happens to know more about the true identity of the husband. Directed by Joel Edgerton, this psychological thriller is one movie that embodies memorable characters and a beautiful plot.

For people who love a spine-tingling thriller, this movie is an incredible pick. It will have anyone at the edge of their seat. If you have been on perfecting your essay writing skills and want to enjoy a good movie, we have one for you.  The Gift is a mind-blowing movie for students who need a break from their classes over the weekend. 

Plus, its suspense and pace make it excellent for a date night as cuddling is a must for this film.

Bird Box

Apocalyptic horror might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Bird Box is a remarkable film. It falls between the middle point of being scary enough but not gruesome. It’s a 2018 movie that stars Sandra Bullock and comes with impressive screenplay and tense moments.

The characters of the movie find themselves in a world where their only option of survival is not removing their blindfold. With a mysterious entity killing people with sight, it’s only a cloth blindfold and insane courage that will keep them alive as they traverse the world for help.

Apart from Sandra Bullock, it also stars:

  • Sarah Paulson
  • Trevante Rhodes
  • John Malkovich
  • Machine Gun Kelly

Set it Up

This 2018 romcom is an incredible entry that features Taye Diggs, Lucy Liu, Zoey Deutch, and Glen Powell, among others. It’s the story of two assistants who make a plan to make their bosses date each other so that they can score some more free time.

Their plan starts well, but then takes a complete nosedive. In the hassle of getting their bosses together, the two assistants end up falling in love with each other instead. It’s a beautiful story coupled with captivating actors and less apparent clichés.

Triple Frontier

For anyone who loves action movies, this film is perfect. Not only does it have a great cast, including Ben Affleck, Oscar Issac, and Charlie Hunnam, but it has a riveting plot as well. This 2019 Drama/Thriller movie is excellent for a date night as it encompasses a bunch of exciting scenes, leaving no room for boredom.

It’s an action-packed movie that delivers more than it promises, with epic cinematography and a well-paced plot. The movie follows the impressive cast as they plan a heist in South America and figure out a way to get themselves back home.

The True Memoirs of an International Assassin

This 2016 action-comedy is a great pick for students interested in a hilarious film with lots of fun and twists. It follows the life of an author who is mistaken for an assassin and later finds himself in the hands of a terrorist who wants him to plot an assassination.

The movie has a good pace, with a mix of intriguing gunfire and comedic scenes. For any individual who loves action movies, but can’t stand the extreme violence and chaos, this film is a fantastic selection. It stars a great pick of actors, including Kevin James, Andy Garcia, and Zulay Henao.


Sometimes a horror movie is a perfect ingredient for a great dorm room date night, and Insidious is a superb pick. Anyone planning to watch this movie should ensure their partner is okay with a movie full of paranormal activity and sharp scares.

It’s a 2010 film with a vast collection of talented actors and an intriguing plotline. In as much as the plot might not be overly new, with a family moving into a new house and weird things happening afterward, the movie remains an exceptional piece of art. Its set of cast members comprises Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, and Ty Simpkins.

The Irishman

Robert De Niro stars in this 2019 drama/crime film that’s a true masterpiece. It’s a long movie, 3 hours and counting, but with its impressive screenplay and cast, it’s not a surprise that the film feels short. The movie follows the life of a painter who later finds himself in the middle of a mob working as a bodyguard.

For anyone fascinated by the mafia, this movie takes a spin into the world of power, greed, and violence while making each scene an enthralling performance from start to finish. The film is an excellent pick for anyone interested in having an extended date night, full of poignant and gripping scenes.

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