Online Casinos that Accept Texan Players

One would think that a state like Texas would be knee-deep into the online gaming industry, but the current realities show that Texas is taking its sweet time to join the bandwagon. This leaves Texan bettors at a disadvantage, as they do not entirely enjoy the full benefits of a state that has legalized gambling. 

One thing is for sure: if there is a will, there is a way, and the bettors of Texas have found a way around this limitation. This article includes a review of the best online casinos that accept Texan players, their bonus offers, and the answers to a few burning questions.

A Brief Insight Into the Current State of the Legalization of Texas Online Casinos

Texas does not permit online casinos; anyone caught illegally running such an establishment will be penalized. Efforts were made in 2023 to legalize sports betting in Texas online casinos, including Texas, but it just didn’t work according to plans. Although the motion had several supporters like Rick Perry and Jerry Jones, Governor Dan Patrick, a formidable opponent and long-standing gambling rival, happens to be the president of the Senate. Since Dan Patrick has been re-elected to run for office till 2026, chances are bills that move the motion for gambling will struggle to pass the House. On that note, Texan bettors would have to wait until 2025, when another session of the legislature will be held. 

Online Casinos that Accept Texan Players 

We bring you the best options, and below is a list of online casinos that accept Texan players. 

DuckyLuck Casino 

Only a few online casinos offer bettors up to 500% ($7,500) in bonuses, but the DuckyLuck casino sees nothing wrong with that proposition. One of the things the DuckyLuck casino is famous for is its slots and table games, which are among the very best in the country. Apart from its selection of games that aren’t easily found in other casinos, DuckyLuck has an exciting user interface; plus, it allows bettors to play demo games before they stake real money. So, if you play with DuckyLuck, you are in luck. With games like blackjack and roulette, you will be amazed when your earnings hit your account!

Red Dog Casino 

You may have heard that some online casinos now accept deposits through Bitcoin, and Red Dog is one such casino. With a fine blend of slots and table games, video poker, blackjack, and roulette, you receive a 225% welcome bonus of up to $12,250 from Red Dog and an extra 20% when you deposit through Bitcoin. Other features that make the Red Dog Casino an eligible casino are its extended list of payment methods, an exotic game selection, an easily redeemable $40 no-deposit bonus, and compatibility with Mac and Windows.

Bovada Casino

Are you searching for an online casino with highly optimized sports betting options? Bovada is your best bet. Bovada has set up sports betting games for over fifteen years, and this online casino has the most fantastic betting market you can find in the industry. Part of what makes it outstanding is its easy-to-use interface that offers you the best user experience, the glowing choices of casino games, and the bonus that you can never go home without. Speaking of bonuses, you can win up to 125%, which amounts to $3,750 when you play with Bovada. 

Wild Casino

It may seem wild, but Wild Casino has over 400 games on its online console. This means you can always enjoy playing all the games this casino offers. You automatically have a 100% up to $5,000 when you sign up with Wild Casino. 

Ignition Casino 

The last online casino on the list, but not the least in any way, is Ignition Casino. Over 300 games, live dealers, slots and table games, video poker, and virtual sports betting are some of the activities approved by Ignition. They also offer a welcome bonus of 300% up to $3,000. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did the Texas online gambling bill pass?

No, the passing of the Texas online gambling bill is still pending. The HB1942 and HJR102 bills that would have set in motion legalizing sports betting to the public ballot in November 2023 were introduced in February 2023, but they only went further than a court hearing.

What is the major challenge behind the legalization of online gambling in Texas?  

Not only did HB1942 have bipartisan support, but major sports teams in Texas backed the bill, and it passed the House with 100 votes. Governor Dan Patrick, the president of the Senate, had other plans. As one of the longest gambling opponents, Governor Dan brought the entire process to a halt and decided that he wouldn’t proceed with a bill that didn’t have massive support from the Senate Republicans. 

How soon will the legalization bill be reviewed?

The earliest that the online casino gambling bill can be reviewed is 2025. Texan bettors have to wait until another session of the legislature to review the bill. 


If you are in Texas and have been searching for casinos with excellent games and even more impressive bonus offers, we have curated a list of online casinos for you. These casinos accept Texan players, and their terms and conditions are favorable to bettors from all over the country. Please read through our review, choose your preferred casino, and enjoy all the experiences that come with the game. 

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