Top 10 TV Show Drinking Games


Drinking games don’t have to start or end when you are at the bar with an unlimited supply of drinks. It could be something you can do from the comfort of your home. That’s where the popular TV show drinking games come into play.

The fun and convenience are great about the TV show drinking games. You have fun watching television and then engage the party with a few drinks. What’s great about playing TV show drinking games is that it lets you loose and do things that best resonate with you.

This article will walk you through a list of the top 10 TV show-drinking games you can consider playing at home.

How To Play TV Show Drinking Games?

Most, if not all, TV show drinking games have similar rules. What you need is some of your favorite alcohol and a TV show that you wish to binge-watch.

Before the TV show starts, you need to develop a few standard rules for players to take a shot. Let us give you an example.

Let’s assume you are playing a drinking game while watching “Game of Thrones.” If there are 5 players in the room, assign a task for each. Like, if the main character pulls out their sword, one has to take a drink. If a character dies, one has to take a shot, etc.

The game variations are entire to your creativity. If you have watched the TV show before and have an idea about the premise, you can set your own rules in the game. This is what makes TV show drinking games so fun.

Also, a quick tip is to understand your limits regarding alcohol. The last thing you want is to drink yourself to oblivion and then feel the impact of it the next day. If you aren’t good with your alcohol, you can switch things up with soft drinks.

Top 10 TV Show Drinking Games

Now that you know the basic rules and tips, let us walk you through the top 10 TV show drinking games. There are quite a few different ones. But remember that you can customize things according to your comfort. You can simply use these rules while watching any TV show.

1. Game 1 – Friends

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is hands down one of the most popular TV shows that give you a lot of choices to kickstart a drinking game with it. The rules will depend on how you want to set the pace for the game.

You can take a drink or a shot every time:

  • Joey says, “How you doin’?”
  • Chandler cracks a sarcastic joke.
  • Phoebe talks about her childhood
  • Rachel has a meltdown because of something trivial
  • Monica tries to channel her inner perfectionist
  • Ross talks about his job with dinosaurs

The list is endless. You have complete autonomy to set the rules according to your comfort. You can have the choice of your alcohol too.

2. Game 2 – The Office

The Office is another popular TV show that deserves a drinking game. Given that the show has 9 seasons, you will get drunk by the show’s end. So, you can take apart one season for the night to ensure you aren’t overwhelming yourself.

Take a shot every time:

  • A character looks straight into the camera “like they are in the Office.”
  • Every time Michael freaks out in the show
  • Every time Jim and Pam share a romantic moment
  • Every time Dwight ends up in a crisis
  • Every time the characters eat something on the show

Given that The Office is quite a laidback and chill TV show, you can take things slow instead of rushing through with the drinking.


3.  Game 3 – Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, or GOT, is one of those TV shows that demands you to sip a drink or take a shot. The twists and turns in the game are beyond anyone’s comprehension. And, sometimes, you just can’t comprehend where things could go wrong.

So, take a sip or shot every time:

  • Jon Snow gets called a “bastard.”
  • A character draws a sword to fight someone
  • Someone mentions the iron throne
  • Someone gets killed in the show
  • A scene with nudity pops up
  • Tyrion is called an Imp or dwarf during a scene

The list of rules is endless. You can even set your rules as you progress watching the show. This will allow you to have a fresh perspective on things.

4. Game 4 – Parks and Recreation

With seven seasons under its belt, Parks and Recreation is another popular TV show that deserves a special mention in the TV show drinking game. If you like The Office, this is a show that will catch your attention as well.

Take a sip or shot every time:

  • A character mentions the word law
  • A character cracks a joke to lighten the situation
  • Leslie ends up finding herself in a crisis
  • Someone ends up messing things up during their job
  • Someone takes a drink on the show

Since the show is quite underrated, you will find that you will need to come up with some unique rules to minimize your drinking.

5. Game 5 – The Bachelor/Bachelorette

This one doesn’t require an introduction. This reality TV show dominates the free time of several people globally. If you want to chill while watching the show, take a shot every time:

  • Someone gets a rose
  • Someone gets eliminates
  • Someone falls in love on the show
  • Someone tries to cause a controversy
  • Someone goes off-camera to share their feelings

Since it is a reality TV show, it is quite difficult to base your drinking experience on what they say. So, pace your drinking game rules as you watch the show.

6. Game 6 – Breaking Bad

People have devoured the show like nothing else. Watching a Chemistry professor lose his tracks and go berserk is quite a treat. What’s great about the show is the pace and the twists. You will find varying opportunities to take a shot.

So, pick up the glass every time:

  • Wait ends up in the middle of a fight
  • Money comes up on the screen
  • Jesse loses their marbles on the show
  • Wait teaches you something about chemistry
  • Wait, lies to someone on the show

The list of possible rules is endless. You can have something silly, or you can have some fun rules to play around with as well.

7. How I Met Your Mother

Despite the kind of popularity the TV show has gained, you can’t deny that the show ends on a disappointing end. But don’t give up just yet. You can make things fun with some alcohol in the mix.

Take a shot or a sip every time:

  • The characters high-five each other on the show
  • Lily and Marshall act like a cheesy couple
  • Barney says his common catchphrases like “legendary,” “true story,” etc.
  • Barney performs magic
  • Barney makes fun of Robin because she is Canadian

One tip we’d recommend is to keep the rules spaced out. Avoid setting rules like “take a drink every time someone says, Ted.” These will end up with someone taking a drink every two minutes.

8. Game 8 – The Simpsons

The Simpsons have made the rounds on television for predicting a lot of things that have happened in the future. As spooky as some things are, The Simpsons is a light-hearted show perfect for you to take a shot at.

Bring the glass close to your mouth every time:

  • Every time Homer says, “D’oh!”
  • Homer is injured in the show.
  • Every time Nelson says, “Ha-ha!”
  • Every time Mr. Burns says, “Excellent.”
  • Every time Krusty says, “HEY, HEY!” or “Hi, Kids!”
  • Every time Sideshow Bob says, “Hello, Bart.”

These are quite common rules but be assured that you understand your limitations. Don’t go on and drink into oblivion.

9. Game 9 – Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of those shows that give you a lot of opportunities to gulp down a drink. Not just to soothe your fear but also to keep you from screaming at the top of your lungs. The show currently has 4 seasons, so take a shot every time:

  • Eleven gets a nosebleed
  • Someone is killed or taken the upside down
  • Will touches the back of his neck
  • Someone gets bullied in the show
  • Hopper punches someone

There’s no doubt that Stranger Things is one of the most popular web series. So, if you have yet to watch it, this is a great way to have fun with friends or family.

10. Game 10 – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

If you have some beer in hand and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia running on the TV or laptop, it is time to make the most of the experience.

Take a shot every time:

  • Someone drinks alcohol on the show
  • A character says, “Just move past it.”
  • Someone does drugs.
  • Mac tries to impress people with his karate skills.
  • Someone starts singing.

The show is quite slow-paced, so these make a great drinking game over the weekend with your friends over at your place.



TV show drinking games are fun, but you have to be responsible. The last thing you want to do is lose your inhibition. Identify your limits and learn to say no if you aren’t comfortable taking another drink. There’s nothing wrong with that. Being responsible with your alcohol is way more important than having fun with your friends.

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