The Dos and Don’ts of Online Dating

Online dating

There can be no denying online dating is one of the Internet phenomena of our times. From its humble beginnings as a resource where singles could get together to arrange dates, it has expanded into a vibrant social scene attracting a diverse range of customers. Whether or not you have already been tempted to try this type of matchmaking service, or you are thinking about experimenting, there are certain aspects of this activity which you should be aware of. While it is certainly an increasingly popular method of getting together with like-minded individuals, you need to observe basic rules if you want to have the best chance of succeeding.


Do be truthful when it comes to establishing your profile. Actually signing up to a dating website is always straightforward. Most will offer a membership form on their homepage which is very easy complete. But once you are on board and have been invited to submit a description of yourself, the worst thing you can do is fabricate the truth. So don’t ever try to paint a false picture of yourself. The ultimate aim of online dating is to arrange a face-to-face at some point in the off-line world. That is why it is so important you are always open and above board.

When it comes to your profile photograph, don’t be too tempted to use Photoshop to alter your image, or to dig out a more youthful picture from some time ago. Imagine the disappointment when you actually meet up with your prospective partner.

Be prepared

Prior to actually submitting an application form to the website, do spend some time conducting research. There are so many alternatives waiting to be explored, it would make sense to narrow down your options before committing yourself. The first thing you really have to ask yourself is what type of relationship you are looking for? Some of the dating websites or apps are geared towards casual encounters. But if you are not interested in no-strings-attached intimacy and would prefer something far more fulfilling, then you should go to the appropriate sites.

One of the advantages of dating sites is they use algorithms which will ensure you have every chance of being matched with someone who is on the same wavelength as you. So do pay attention to the questionnaire which is asking details which would be pertinent to establishing compatibility. Again, it is a question of being as honest as possible when you admit to your personal tastes and aspirations. Don’t be tempted to focus on some idyllic aspiration, such as mentioning your perfect partner would be a professional athlete earning a phenomenal amount of money. Do set realistic goals when you are going online.


When it comes to actual online communication, do be wary of the content of the texts you are receiving. You can quickly get a hint of messages which appear to have been cut and pasted, as opposed to communications aimed directly at yourself. You obviously need to give these singles a wide steer as they are clearly not committing themselves to a serious relationship with any one person. A dead giveaway in this respect would be if they were to use someone else’s name!

Another big don’t when it comes to online dating is giving out personal information. When the website is setting you up with a dating profile, you will be asked to choose a username. Don’t use one which is clearly identifiable with your actual name. Never reveal your full name or your address details. And the biggest don’t of all? When someone who appears to have come across as friendly and empathetic suddenly introduces a story about a close family member requiring assistance with a medical bill, don’t give out your bank details or a credit card number. The only type of people who try and extract this information over the Internet are crooks.

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