How To Become Physically Fit

Is this cycle familiar to you? You join a fitness program, start a strict diet, and for the first few days or weeks, it’s going okay. And then you take your first cheat day — that’s when the temptation starts. You decide to relax a little bit and the next thing you know it has been months since you’ve gone to the gym, you have gained 5 lbs and there’s a box of pizza and doughnuts on your counter.

You also have no idea what you have been doing with your life since it seems like you’ve just been lounging around the couch binge-watching TV series. Before you know it, all your clothes can’t fit and your waistline is now doubled.

Physically Fit

This vicious cycle is a universal phenomenon that happens to almost everyone who makes the decision to stay fit. Anyone who had a New Year’s Resolution list will probably attest to this cycle.

If you are tired of training on and off, then eventually quitting, then you should definitely read further. Here are some tips that you can follow so you do not slip out of these cycle. Instead of quitting again and again, you would be able to maintain your fitness.

1. Start Slow

When you make the decision to get into shape, everyone becomes very eager. They push themselves too hard, overloading their bodies, adhering to very strict rules, and just making themselves miserable. Maintaining a fit body is not something that should make your life unbearable and unhappy. Instead, it should improve your mood. Once you’ve started, you should start with the basics.

Many will go do the harder workouts immediately. While it is true that you burn more calories this way, you also lose the motivation to continue. This also makes your body more prone to injuries. If you want to stay fit for a long time, you should definitely practice patience or you might overload your body with a workout that you’re not yet ready for.

2. Stay Positive and Patient

Your body will need some time to adjust from working out and getting into shape. Often, people get discouraged quickly after not seeing progress. It might be hard to hear but not everyone’s metabolism is of the same speed. This means that your body will not instantly tone down.

Stay positive and patient as the results will show given enough time. Do not push yourself too hard when you do not see immediate results. This will only discourage you more and leave you injured and with a sore body. Your positivity will pay off especially at times when you feel that you cannot take working out anymore.

3. Find A Group To Train With

Groupthink is very much powerful when it comes to working out. Set up a working out group with your friends and family members. This way you can motivate each other to work out. You will also have someone to take you to the gym when you feel lazy to. With a group, you can challenge and encourage each other into working out harder. Aside from this, when working out, you also need a spotter to ensure that you’re properly supported.

4. Stop Getting On Diet Fads

This is another common mistake that rookies do. There are a lot of diet fads circulating around the internet that honestly has no scientific basis. In other words, they are fake and will probably bring much more harm than good to your body. When you follow them, not only will you be wasting resources but also problematic for your health.

Diet fads are just that. Fads. It won’t keep your weight off for a long time. Once you go back to your usual eating routine, you would probably not be able to keep your weight.

5. Go On A Nutritionist-Approved Diet

The food that we take in plays a crucial role in how our bodies function. You need to eat healthy and nutritious food so that you can become and maintain being physically fit. High-fiber Vegetables, for example, should be taken in large amounts. There is now a rising trend of focusing on eating healthily instead of focusing primarily on working out.

Just by eating the right type and amount of food, you can already lose a few pounds, reduce your body fat, and feel more confident. This will also lessen the chances of you getting a heart attack

A common mistake that many do is that they skip from diet to diet. One week they do a Paleo diet, the next they’re trying a ketogenic one, and then a vegan lifestyle. This will also damage your metabolism as your body will not be able to adjust quickly to the sudden changes.

6. Do Not Go On Fitness Regimens That Are Not Designed For Beginners

There are thousands of testimonies on the Internet of fit and toned people swearing by one fitness regime and that if you adhere to them strictly, you too could be like them. However, what you have to realize is that most of these fitness regimens were not designed for beginners.

They already take into consideration that the body has been working out or is fit in a general sense already. If you just dive straight in, you would most probably be overloading your entire body, prompting you to quit prematurely.

7. Make It A Lifestyle And Not A Chore

Keeping fit should be enjoyable. By making your fitness choices a lifestyle, you would definitely be able to stay in it much more than what you want. Instead of making working out feel like a chore, make it one of your daily or weekly activities. Aside from this, you should also constantly make it a choice to be more physically active.

For example, make an active choice that you should take the stairs instead of the elevator. You can also walk for a few blocks instead of driving. When you just have to go for a short distance, consider taking a walk or riding a bicycle instead of increasing your carbon footprint by hailing a taxi.


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