5 Unusual Ways to Lose Weight

In this busy life the importance of staying fit is lost as we do not find time to regularly go to the gym, indulge in morning walks or include some sort of activity that would help shed those extra kilos. We often wonder how lovely it would be to lose those extra pounds without making much of an effort.

Would you believe if I say that losing weight is as simple as A B C? Let me tell you 5 easy not so usual ways to lead you to shed those extra kilos you do not need, without making much of an effort:

1. Sweeten your mornings:

Please your eyes and tummy with a muffin or a chocolate cake, for breakfast. Studies state that treating yourself with a sweet treat at the beginning of the day will keep you away from sweet cravings. A good mix of cereals, milk and fruits along with a sugar coated treat does the trick.

2. Munch! Munch! Munch!:

I might sound insane, but eating more will help you lose weight. Break your meals into small portions of five to six meals and delight your tummy with food, every two hours. According to studies, eating frequent but small meals boost your metabolism and gives you a feeling of being full, which means that you abandon the urge to hog. So, if you are habitual of having three full meals in a day, break those meals to small portions of six, and feast during frequent intervals. Include more fruits and salads, for those extra vitamins and nutrients.

3. Drink Warm Water:

No matter how tempting a glass of cold water is, the magic of drinking a glass of warm water is amazing. Researchers have found that drinking a glass of warm water an hour before your meal helps break down fat quicker and give you a fuller feeling. In this way, you would not eat excess of food and constrict your stomach to just what it needs.

4. Caffeine before a workout:

Caffeine kicks in energy that you require for a workout. Studies have found that a cup of coffee an hour before your workout pushes you to do that little extra without making you feel very tired. Now isn’t that great!

5. Snooze 30 minutes more:

Now this is one awesome way of losing weight. It really doesn’t matter how long you have slept for; give yourself another extra 30 minutes to sleep while your body sheds those extra kilos. The rule is simple, when you sleep a little extra, your body feels refreshed and you do not feel lethargic, which means that throughout the day you will make the right choice of food and will not refrain from working out.

Like I said before, as simple as ABC, you can now lose weight just by following some simple steps. But remember, it is very important to put yourself to a routine that involves some form of physical activity. Climbing stairs, walking to work and, playing a sport, are some few and very easy ways to keep you fit, healthy and in shape always.

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