Beers Similar to Stella Artois: [10 Similar Beers]

With its light, crisp and slightly floral taste, Stella Artois is a favourite among many. If you are a fan of this beer, you’re in for a treat as there are many other similar tatsing beers on the market for you to explore.

To find beers similar in taste to the amazing Stella Artois, we need to understand its unique flavour profile. In this article, we explore the taste profile of Stella Artois to explore new alternatives and find new favourites. Read on to find out more.

Stella Artois – A Brief History

The Stella Artois beer was first brewed 97 years ago in 1926 by a centuries year old brewery in  Leuven, Belgium. Its alcohol by volume (ABV) ranges between 4.6 to 5.2 per cent and is known for its clean, crisp palate and sweet herbal notes.

Stella Artois was created as a Christmas beer by Brouwerij Artois in Leuven, Belgium, which was founded in 1366. Brouwerij Artois was initially called the Den Hoorn brewery and was renamed by Sébastien Artois in 1717.

Stella Artois is made with natural ingredients such as malted barley, maize, water, and hops which contribute to its distinctive flavour and superior quality. The beer gained global popularity and came to be associated with Belgian beer culture.

Traditionally, Stella Artois is served in a distinctive chalice glass which is designed to enhance the drinking experience and elevate the beer’s natural flavours. The glass is specifically shaped to preserve the beer’s foam and aromas, and is often used by bars and restaurants to serve the beer.

Flavour Profile of Stella Artois

Stella Artois is enjoyed by its fans for its clean, crisp taste and balanced flavours. It is a pilsner, meaning that it is a pale lager beer which is made with ingredients including saaz hops, malted barley, maize, yeast, water.


The beer is described as having a pleasant biscuity malt sweetness with notes of caramel. The sweetness is perfectly balanced out by the subtle hop bitterness, thus providing a well balanced taste. The flavour is clean and refreshing with mild earthy and fruity notes.


Stella Artois has pleasant yet complex aromas of sweet herbal notes, floral aromas, a slight smell of spicy hop and minor fruity undertones. The beer has a delicate and subtle smell which is not overpowering.


Stella Artois has a crisp, dry finish with just a hint of hoppy bitterness. The beer has smooth texture and a clean, fresh aftertaste. It is an easy-drinking lager which has a medium body and is well carbonated, making it popular among beer drinkers worldwide.

Here are 10 excellent beers which have a similar flavour profile to Stella Artois:

Blue Moon


Blue Moon is a Belgian-style witbier originating from Colorado. Their “Belgian White” beer earns its name from its unusual light, almost white colour. Blue Moon has a puncy citrus taste and a flavour profile similar to Stella Artois. However, while Blue Moon is wheaty, Stella Artois is more hoppy and malty. Blue Moon also has a slightly high ABV at 5.4%, but it’s still a great option for those who enjoy light, crisp beers.



Carlsberg is a Danish beer which is often compared to Stella Artois because of its refreshing taste, fruity notes and mild sweetness. Like Stella Artois, this is also a pilsner beer which has a similar ABV at 5% but it’s a great option for those who like the taste of Stella Artois.


Like Stella Artois, Heineken beer is also made without any additives. It’s a pilsner which hoppy, bitter, and pleasantly crisp. Even though Heineken is pricier than other beers on the market, this golden beer is worth trying if you like strong lagers. Heineken has a distinct skunky bitterness, so it is a must-try if you like heavy beers.

Photo by Luis Desiro on Unsplash

Spaten Premium Lager

Spaten is a plae lager beer from the beer capital of the world: Germany. It is a bottom-brewed beer with a maltier taste than Stella Artois, but the characteristic dry pilsner finish and crispness are all there. Spaten also has sweetness which is stronger than other beers, so if you like sweeter beers, this one’s for you. Spaten’s ABV measures at 5.2%.

Maes Pils

Like Stella Artois, Maes Pils is a Belgian pilsner. It has the classic golden color and full-bodied taste of pale lagers and has a puchy bitter aftertaste. Its ABV stands at 4.9% to 5.2%, making it stronger than Stella Artois. If you like Stella Artois but want to try something stronger with a more intense flavour, Maes Pils might be the one for you.



Hoegaarden is an excellent wheat beer from a town in Belgium which it is named after. It has a spicy, citrus flavour because of the addition of orange peel and coriander in the brewing process. Hoegaarden is an unfiltered beer, meaning that it has a cloudy appearance and a bitter bite. This sweet and sour white beer has an ABV of 4.9%, and is light-bodied and well balanced.


Leffe Blonde

Leffe Blonde is a full-bodied beer which you would most definitely like if you’re a fan of Stella Artois. Leffe Blonde has a nice malty state and a vanilla aftertaste, making it a pleasantly floral and spicy beer. Its ABV is the second highest on this list at an impressive 6.6%, although it has a deceptively smooth and refreshing taste to it.


Corona Extra

Corona Extra is an amazing Mexican beer which is surprisingly similar to Stella Artois. One of the key differences between these two pale lagers is that Corona has a bright citrus flavour and is usuallly served with a slice of lemon. Corona has a slightly lower ABV than Stella at 4.5%, making it a perfect companion to salty and savoury meals.

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Baltika No. 7

Baltika No. 7 is one of Russia’s most popular lagers. The beer is brewed in St. Petersburg and remains one of Russia’s most exported beers. This pale lager has a light hoppy crispness and skunky aftertaste reminiscent of Stella Artois, and also offers a unique doughy flavour which you would not find anywhere else. If you prefer stronger drinks, you’re in luck– Baltika No. 7 has the highest ABV on this list at 8%.



Brewed by Anheuser–Busch InBev, Jupiler is a Belgian pilsner which is hugely popular in Central Europe and recognisable by its distinct red label with a black bull on it.

Jupiler’s flavour can be described as a perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness, with notes of hops, malt, grain, and even hints of fruit, so don’t be surprised if you find Jupiler’s taste uncannily similar to Stella Artois. Jupiler’s ABV measures at 5.5%, making it slightly more alcoholic than Stella Artois.



Stella Artois is a delicious pale lager with a distinct golden hue and a beautiful flavour profile which many love. If you are a fan of this beer, you might want to try the amazing alternatives listed above which have similar taste profiles. Cheers!

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