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The Five Most Popular Hookah Flavors - Slosh Spot

The Five Most Popular Hookah Flavors

If you are searching for excellent hookah flavors, you have certainly arrived at the right place. You can discover a list of popular hookah flavors further in the article.

Selecting the right brand can be a daunting task as there are to multiple providers available in the market. Moreover, hookah is considered to be safe compared to the rest of the smoking elements used nowadays. The best part of hookah is that it is available in various flavors which are available at the head shop of Peoria Arizona.

Hookah flavor

The demand for consuming Hookah is increasing with time and is also referred to as Shisha.

So, let’s have a look at the below most popular hookah flavors:

1. Star buzz blue mist: Mint is one of the most popular hookah flavors and preferred by many. It is also available at the Smoke Shop in Peoria AZ. The Star buzz blue mist is a brown color-washed hookah made of leaf tobacco with a low percentage of nicotine. It smells precisely like mint and will provide a cooling feel.

2. Bubble Gum: Get your childhood memories back with this excellent flavor of a shisha, that is bubble gum. Most of us would have liked chewing a bubble gum as a child, so why not allow it’s taste linger in your mouth by consuming this flavored-hookah. The essence and flavor of bubble gum hookah is something unique. So, when you vape this flavor it will allow you to experience the combination of multiple fruity flavors in one go.

3. Nakhla Double Apple: Double Apple is another popular hookah flavor after mint. Nakhla is the fastest selling flavor among traditional hookah smokers. The recipe of double apple is popular for decades now and it is not going anywhere. Made from a blend of anise and apple, this will make for a classic hookah flavor. Get your hands on this nice light apple flavor and enjoy the vaping. It deliveries a sweet and smooth taste which makes it a perfect flavor.

4. Cappuccino Orange: For those who like long lasting smoke experience, cappuccino orange is one of the best flavors. The taste of orange is a bit stronger than cappuccino which makes it a perfect combination of two flavors. It is a good substitute for a shisha, meaning it does not contain tobacco, nicotine, sugar or any other artificial dyes. Additionally, this flavor is available at very low cost and a tasty one.

5.  White Gummi Bear: White gummi bear essence smells nice; which is a combination of lemon, orange, and pineapple. For those who enjoy consuming a quality hookah will love this flavor. The taste of the white gummy bear will last for hours and it’s proved to be one of the well-mixed hookah flavor including mint and peach too. The effect of this hookah flavor is not so strong, yet it is one of the best for a beginner.

Closing up

With the wide variety of options available in the market, smoking through a hookah pipe is a popular concept. And, there are many hookah lounges seen all around the world. However, it is considered safe compared to the rest of the smoking elements.

With so many flavors available, you can choose to taste from the above ones which are the most popular and available at Head Shop Peoria Arizona.

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