7 Reasons Why Most People Hate Mondays

If you aren’t jumping out of bed on Monday morning, then you are not alone. It’s true that most people hate Mondays. Students hate it because the weekend is over. They have to study, get up early, and go to school. There are very few students who love studies. Also, they have to compromise their sleep.


There is a similar situation with employees. Nobody hates Mondays as the working class does. They work like robots. Sunday is the day they feel like humans, they can have some fun, watch movies, spend quality time with family and friends. When Sunday passes, they start dragging themselves to work again.

Here are some of the reasons why people hate Mondays.

1. You keep comparing it with the previous day

We have a habit of comparing, and we tend to compare Monday with the previous day, i.e., Sunday and then we will think about all the leisurely and happy things we did yesterday without any deadlines.

2. You are tired from partying on Sunday

It’s Sunday, and who won’t think of partying and enjoying it with friends. It’s pretty common on Sundays; thus you won’t get enough sleep to get up early on a single alarm. Most people are not alarm-friendly, usually, they get irritated with the sound. Your sleep gets disturbed, you can’t sleep any longer. You wake up without getting enough rest.

3. Living on weekends

If you are the one who always checks a calendar looking for the weekends, then you will definitely hate Monday. Sure, weekends are there for recharging your batteries and getting some much-needed rest. However, you should not live only on weekends. It will affect your job/work mentally and emotionally.

4. You have to face another long week

Being in traffic is not the greatest day to start the week off. Monday is the beginning of the week. Monday may feel overwhelming if you are not prepared mentally for it. You have to face a long week with a lot of work along with deadlines.

5. You aren’t doing something you love

It’s pretty obvious that you won’t feel excited waking up early morning to go to a job that you don’t love. It’s astounding how many people choose things out of their comfort, out of fear of the unknown, thus accepting many years of dissatisfaction.

6. You don’t enjoy the people with whom you work

Most of the times, it’s the people around you that determine how long you stay in a given situation. If the people you work with are a positive influence, then it is the best. Working with such people and environment brings you satisfaction and positive energy. If your work environment makes you feel comfortable, then you will enjoy your work and vice-versa.

7. Social media has an adverse effect on you

Browse through Instagram or Facebook on Monday morning and you will see many great quotes, either sharing pains of Monday or waking up early on Monday. Such posts adversely affect you, both emotionally and mentally. You have to understand that social media is fake or half true. No one posts their failures. So, don’t blindly believe all the posts on social media.

More many people, the only motivation for going to work is the money they make. Take that out of the equation, and most people will quit. To not hate Mondays, you need to find something that works for you.

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