Strangest Superstitions around the World


The world is full of strange and the spooky things. Well, beware of that Friday dated 13 th. Break a mirror and 7 years of bad luck? Or a black cat just crossed your way? People across the globe practice some of these strangest superstitions that are uncanny enough to share. So, here is the list of some of the strangest superstitions around the world:-

  • In Sweden

In Sweden, people are alert about stepping onto the manholes. Where K marked manholes if stepped are considered to be lucky and represents love while A marked are believed to bring you a heartbreak and bad luck if you step on it.

  • In the United States

In Vermont, the houses that were built in 19 century has a tilted or “witch window” which were believed that witches can’t get in through the tilted windows.

  • In Nigeria

It is said that “Never to kiss a baby on his lips” or they turn to be drool adults when they grow up.

  • In the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, it’s a straight No! No! to sing at the dinner table. As it is believed that singing at the dinner table means that you are singing to the devil i.e. inviting bad luck. Also, passing the salt to the neighbour is considered to be bad luck too.

  • In India

In India, it is believed that it’s an invitation to the bad luck to get a haircut or cut your hair on Saturday or Thursday. It’s also a straight no to cut the nails on Saturday, Tuesday and even at night.

  • In Spain

In Spain, it is said that if you enter a room with a left foot, it’s a bad luck. People tend to be really careful while stepping into a room.

  • In Italy

In Italy, people fear the date “Friday 17 th”, the reason is that in roman the number appears to be as XVII which can be rearranged in Latin to be VIXI, which means “My life is Over” in the Latin language.

  • In Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, people are so bizarre that they call it a bad luck if you get a bird poop over you.

  • In Egypt

In Egypt, It is considered as bad luck to open and close a pair of scissors without cutting anything from them as it is considered that you are cutting the devil spirits present around and they will get Berzerk!

  • In Portugal

In Portugal, it is considered as a bad luck if you walk backwards. Interestingly, the people consider that by walking backwards the devil will get to know your path.

  • In North America

In North America, it is considered as a bad luck if you step onto a crack. It is believed that the person’s mother’s back would be broken if he stepped onto a crack.

  • In Denmark

In Denmark, the broken dishes are reserved all year long just to be thrown at new year at a friend’s house as they believe that more the porcelain, more good luck!

  • In Brazil

In Brazil, if you touch your wallet or purse on the floor, that is considered to be a bad luck.

That’s enough of these bizarre superstitious beliefs. Get those bad thoughts outta your head. Wish you a good Night!

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