The Top Six Places to Teach English Abroad

If you’ve ever thought about teaching English abroad, you have to know that there are as many choices for countries as there are countries in the world. When you are choosing a country, there are many things to consider. From what level of qualifications you must have to what type of compensation you are looking for to what climate you want to live in, there are options for every type of would-be teacher.

While there are many resources available that will help you move abroad, sometimes it is helpful to have a quick guide. In order to help you with your choice, we have compiled a list of the top six places you should consider for your next English teaching position.

South Korea


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This country is at the top of everyone’s list because it is so well established within the English teaching arena. The government has a well thought out program that places teachers within the rural areas. Many contracts come with round trip tickets, accommodations, and health insurance. You need to have a bachelor’s degree and formal background checks from your native country.

Czech Republic

Many people choose the Czech Republic as it is still in a ‘Western’ part of the world and the differences aren’t as large between your home culture and the Czech culture. The process for obtaining visa’s is also a lot easier than in the rest of the European Union. You’re required to have a TESOL or TEFL certificate but a bachelor’s degree will help you get a better paying job. Many schools will help you find accommodation, if you ask them. You’ll be saving less money, as the cost of living in higher here.



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Thailand is the gateway to Southeast Asia and a great place for teachers to start out their career, especially if they haven’t got much practice actually teaching. You are required to have a bachelor’s degree, and in many cases a certificate of teaching abroad, such as a TESOL of a TEFL. The perks you get from the different schools really depends so make sure you are confident when asking for what you want, as most things are negotiable.


A plus of living in Thailand is that the cost of living is very low so make sure you factor that into your decisions. You can get a meal for under a dollar in many local markets.


The Kingdom of Cambodia is a perfect choice for people who have no degree and very little experience. Because there are very little restrictions, you must make sure you are willing to put in some work, as there is very little structure as well. All you really have to have is a passport from a country that speaks English. Even if you don’t, having a TESOL or TEFL certificate is all you need.


The benefits of this country include a very low cost of living and the fact that it’s a great jumping off point for your career as well as for exploring the rest of the country and Southeast Asia.

Saudi Arabia


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Those wanting a structured system and the ability to save a lot of money should head to Saudi Arabia. Many of the highest paying English teaching positions can be found in this country, from 48k to 72k a year, depending on what your qualifications are. The ability to make this much money requires you to have a bachelor’s degree, experience and sometimes even a teaching degree from your home country. The perks include roundtrip airfare, health insurance, accommodations which means you’ll be able to save most of the money you’ll be making.


If you’re looking to stay closer to the United States, Mexico is a great option. It has the largest number of English teaching jobs available in Central and South America. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree, only a TEFL or even a CELTA certificate, though a bachelor’s degree in conjunction with your certificate would look good to prospective employers. The weather and culture are a big draw for those who like the Latin flair and the warm weather.


Author Bio: This is written by Alex Bradbeer, the creator and author of Finding The Freedom, an adventure travel blog focused on adventure and crazy off the beaten path destinations.

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