Keeping Your Pet Safe From Harm

Pet safety

Owning a dog is wonderful. They offer unconditional love and affection and bring a smile to your face when you start to feel down. But dogs need care too. They need a comfortable place to sleep, exercise, good food and a friendly and nurturing environment. Since they are a member of your immediate family, it’s important to do everything you can to keep them safe from harm.

Preventing a Lost Dog

One of the biggest fears of a dog owner is that their dog will get lost and not know how to get home. Dogs and cats that are not spayed or neutered can wander off. There are several ways to prevent this scenario from taking place. A fenced backyard is a good start. If your fence is older, make sure that there are no missing or loose boards and walk the full length and check for any open areas along the bottom where you’re pet can work their way through. When you travel, your pet should always remain on a leash outside the car and the window should never have a large opening. If you often take your pet to the park and they have a doggy area with free roaming or you’re a hunter and your dog enjoys it too, getting a device such as a GPS tracking collar that includes a part you hang onto too can help you locate your dog quickly. Companies like Garmin Astro, specialize in pet safety and have a wide range of supplies available. You can also check for products at a general pet store like Petsmart. Use this petsmart coupon for extra savings. Another way to protect your animal in the event they get lost is to have a microchip implanted. This way if your pet strays away and someone finds it a shelter or vet will have your information.

Effects of Extreme Temperatures

Just like you, when it’s extremely hot or cold they feel it. If you like to travel with your pet to run errands or take trips to the park for exercise and fresh air, make sure that your dog is safe. When running errands, it’s important to leave the window cracked in hot temperatures so that your dog doesn’t dehydrate or even worse suffocate. A better choice is to leave your friend home on these days, there’s always tomorrow for another adventure. When it’s cold outside and gets below freezing most towns and cities salt roads and walkways. These are the same path your dog travels. To protect its feet get a set of booties. Not only will the salt remain on the ground and not your pet’s feet, but its feet and legs will stay warm. If you keep your pet outdoors in the backyard make sure that they have shelter. A large dog house with a floor and a shady spot under a tree will help protect your dog all year long.


Cats and dogs don’t know the difference between water and harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, many animals succumb to an early death needlessly.  They are in many ways just like having children. It’s up to you to prevent an accident like this from happening. One of the most dangerous places for your animal is the garage. This is due to the fact that most homeowners store their chemicals there and use the space to work on projects. It doesn’t take much for a cat or a dog to wander off and get into something that can potentially harm them. Antifreeze is one example. The sweet smell attracts and once your pet laps it up it’s all over. Luckily, there are ways to prevent this by keeping all chemicals and toxins up, sealed and stored away.


If you enjoy traveling with your pet in the car it’s important to crate or strap them in. Dogs that wander through a vehicle pose a threat to you as well as them. A quick, short, stop can literally send your dog flying forward forcing its body to ram up against the seat, hard. While your dog may even like his own seat in the back of your truck when you stop you take the risk of him jumping out. Also in the event of an accident, which can happen, your dog will suffer serious injuries. For peace of mind, always take precautionary measures to ensure that your pet remains securely inside the vehicle.

Keeping your animal safe will allow you to enjoy a long healthy relationship that benefits both of you. And there is no better way to keep your pet safe than investing in the best pet insurance. New pet insurance companies, like Bivvy, offer amazing deals, which will help you keep you pet happy and healthy!

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