Throwing a Fourth of July Bash

July 4th

You might be surprised, but each year, Americans spend billions of dollars on celebrating Independence Day. If you’re looking to host your own patriotic shindig this upcoming July, keep these tips in mind to make for an event your friends will be talking about for months and years to come.

The Drinks

Few thing are as important for a party as the beverages served. We Americans love our beer, and a fun way to pay homage to the nation’s predilection for brews is to serve American beer offerings. Yuengling Lager, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Bud Light, Sam Adams—there are a bevy of options you can choose from. If you need a wide selection than your local grocery or liquor store, head to BevMo. You can also always offer your international favorites as well, but make sure the American brews get the spot of honor at the beverage table.

Prep Food Ahead of Time

Nothing’s better for a 4th of July party than delicious barbecue. To make things easier on yourself, come up with foods that you can make ahead of time to save yourself time and stress on the day of. It could be cookie dough that you whip up and freeze in logs- simply slice the frozen dough and bake the morning of for a great scent and delicious treats for welcome guests. If you want to make it even easier, find snacks and desserts you can order. Check out and order a delivery of cupcakes or cheesecakes right to your door. Guests will never know you didn’t make it yourself—just make sure you schedule the delivery to arrive on time. For more savory fare, it’s always a good idea to make your party potluck style. That way, guests can bring their favorite American snack fare, and you can worry yourself only about what goes on the grill.

Finding the Decorations

It’s easy to spiff up your house for guests on Fourth of July. Red, white, and blue is the name of the game, and luckily, stores are already rampant with these type of decorations. Looking to throw your party on a budget? Save your money for the drinks and cut down costs on decorations by hitting up the 99 Cents Only Store or check out thrift stores that might have a décor section. You can save a ton and still ensure your house is decked out in all the American decorations your heart could desire.

Keep Up the Entertainment

Take advantage of the summer sun and set up some outdoor games to keep your party guests entertained and happy. Stick with the classics and keep everyone smiling; corn hole never fails to please, bocce ball is great for the youngest of youngsters and the young at heart, and ladder golf will really heat up the competition. If you don’t own any outdoor games, ask friends to bring theirs or invest in your own from JP’s Backyard Games.

What to Wear

You can’t go wrong wearing American-themed apparel at a Fourth of July celebration. What better time could there be to sport the star spangled banner in every way possible? Can’t find the perfect bandana or bathing suit? Make it easy on yourself and check out the American flag onesies here and make sure you look the part for the day celebrating your patriotism. Make sure you let guests know on your invites to dress the part for your shindig. While some go the American-themed clothing route, others might choose to dress up as famous Americans. The more outrageous, the better, so make sure you emphasize the theme and laugh as your guests arrive decked out in tangible American spirit.

Proud to be an American? Prove it by throwing the greatest 4th of July shindig you’ve ever seen. These simple planning tips can help you pull off a killer Independence Day bash.

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