American Rites of Passages Make Other Cultures Look Soft

The concept of the “Rite of Passage” is seen in all cultures. It’s a universal mark indicative of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood in order to be accepted in a social group. From Aborigines in Australia to New York, rite of passage is used to separate the men from the boys. Today we dig deep into some of the most horrific rites of passage in modern times and compare them to a range of rites in the US. None of them seem to rival “Hunger Games”, but they definitely are unique.
Aboriginal Rite of Passage (Australia)

Rite of Passage Outside the US

Aboriginal Rite of Passage

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For the Australian Aborigines, an adolescent boy becomes a man when he goes on a trek across the outback for up to six months together with his father, his grandfather and the local spiritual leader. This walkabout is a way to show the boy what it means to be an Aborigine by bonding with the land of his ancestors. They would follow the trails their forefathers took. Picking out their heroic acts, the boys would mimic them to show how much of a man they are. I doubt there are any Batman style heroics they have to imitate, but it’s a challenge none the less.

Aboriginal Rite of Passage (Australia)
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