Tips Click and Edit Selfies in the Best Way

What if you are unprofessional in clicking pictures? You’d still want the best even if it is just a selfie. There are multiple editing apps that can help you click amazing pictures and edit them to make it look like it was from a photoshoot.

Whether you are clicking pictures using a camera (like a DSLR) or mobile phone, always try to edit photos. Editing skills do not require any degree. All you need to have is a little unique perspective of looking at things and capturing them into pictures.

You must enjoy taking selfies at amazing locations, don’t you? But how do you feel after clicking it? Do you feel satisfied? Don’t you think that you could have clicked or edited the photo in a better way?

Well, think no more as you are about to get some unbelievable tips on retouch and photo editing for selfies.

Editing tutorial for stunning images

  • Crop your photo

When you are taking selfies, often you see the presence of unwanted items or empty space in your pictures. Don’t we all wish they were not there? Well, to get rid of such aberrations, you need to effectively crop your selfies to focus just on your face.

You may crop in three best ways:

  • To the initial dimensions
  • As 6 x 5 dimensions which are suggested to fit the best way
  • As a squared frame
  • Adjust shadows and brightness

The color exposure to your picture is one of the first points to correct while editing selfies. When you take selfies at dim locations, you might get a proper light exposure on your face. Using this picture editor app, you can correct the brightness and adjust shadows to get perfectly edited photos.

  • Use the correct filter

According to the outlook of the selfie, you should use a proper filter to bring out its mood effectively. Choose the right filter such as monochrome, retro, cool, fresh, or elegant for a lifelike selfie.

Retro filter
  • Beautify your selfie

You can use the retouch feature of photo editing apps to remove blemishes, adjust softness and other noise corrections. There are often makeup tools present which you can make use of for ‘artificially’ giving a natural look to your face.


Additional editing skills to try:

  • Adjust the hue and saturation properly

You should learn how to have a proper color balance in your pictures for a better appearance. Do not impart too much color or else it will sting your eyes every time you take a look at your photo.

  • Reshape your face edges

In certain apps, you have the pleasure of reshaping the edges of your face if it looks too bloated. Squeeze in some facial muscles artificially by editing your selfie after clicking.

  • Right focusing skills

Adjust focus on your face and blur the background to get a sharpened image.

You can try out all these editing skills to click and correct photos in simple ways, yet get a better outcome. Do not overdo any corrections and give your image an artificial look.

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