Top 11 Tips to Increase Your Phone Speed

A mobile phone is your best friend and to keep your friend up and running, you need to ensure it is healthy. You must be thinking, how can you keep a phone healthy? Well, for your cell phone, health is equivalent to fast performance.

To help you do this, we have listed some easy way outs to get your phone working at its best!

phone speed

Identify and Sort the Apps

Your phone sometimes contains more apps than you actually use or need. Try to identify them and delete them accordingly. By doing this, not only do you save space, but also help increase the phone speed.

Clear Caches

Caches and cookies take up a lot of space, clean them up from time to time, and dramatically increase your phone speed.

Transfer Photos and Videos to a Hard Drive

The fatty files containing innumerable forwards and images or videos, slow down your processor, so transfer them in bulks occasionally to enjoy a smoother phone experience.


Keep your phone updated with the latest available versions. Many times the updates contain bug fixes that improve the overall performance of your phone.

Antivirus Software

Either install or run an antivirus on your phone through your pc, to clean any junk, malware, or any related item that could slow down your phone performance.


Try to avoid using live and animated wallpapers, this interferes with your phone speed over time and takes up a lot of RAM.


Apart from a ringtone and alert tones, try not to use unnecessary dial tones and keypad tones which use up space and speed.

Memory Card

Use a high capacity memory card to boost your phone speed and subsequent performance. This could also compensate for a phone running on low internal memory and thus better the performance.


Lower the number of widgets you are using and improve the speed of applications you are using.

Know Your Phone’s Capacity

You might really like to play Fifa on your phone, but your phone might not be a suitable interface for playing it. Downloading high-performance games on your phone can impact your phone speed, especially if there is not adequate RAM to support the game.


You can try to avoid syncing every app on Google to your phone. Emails and other essential services are fine, but keeping the sync on for non-essential ones takes up space and hampers phone performance.

Final Words

Try to understand your phone better and work towards the improvement steps accordingly. After all, you two are best friends!

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