Top 7 Apps for Party Animals


A lot of us like to wind down on the weekends by going out with friends and embarking on a night of nearly uncontrollable partying or just spend the time dancing at our favorite night spots. Whatever it is, party is definitely on our weekend agenda because we need to go back to work on Monday and start the cycle over every week. At some point, partying stops being a casual activity and starts becoming as essential to our well being as good food or clean air.

For those of you out there who like to indulge in a lot of parties we have prepared a list of the best apps.

  • Uber

You should never drink and drive. And sometimes, finding a designated driver from among your group to sentence to a night of no drinking doesn’t fly very well. That’s why you need Uber to help you get to home, or maybe get around from one bar to another to elongate your night of fun and drinking. Your health and well being is your top priority. Drunk driving is not the only danger to you; in fact, some researches show that walking while drunk has led to more deaths than driving while under the influence. Therefore our advice would be to just bypass all movements and hail a cab with the handy Uber app on your phones.

  • Lyft

Lyft can be used for the exact same thing as Uber. You might want to go ahead and install both on your phone so that you always have something to fall back on should one of the apps fail to work.

  • Yelp

Want to find the best bars from where you are? Yelp is the app for you. Whether you want to go to another bar from the one you’re at or you feel like trying one different from your usual hangout you can use Yelp to find out the hotspots near you. Just download the app, turn on your GPS and let the app work its magic for you.

  • Untapped

Untapped is an app that lists different kinds of beers in order of ranks and ratings by its users. It can be great for helping you make a good choice when you’re faced with various choices of beers.

  • Mixology

This app gives you ideas for making lots of different kinds of cocktails with whatever material you have at your disposal at any given time. It’s perfect for partying at home or at a friends’ place.

  • R-U-Buzzed

At the risk of sounding like a broken record observing safety while partying is a must. Unsure whether you should drive? This app can help lets you have an idea of how drunk you are. It only gives you an estimate of your blood alcohol level but it’s better than nothing. So if it says you’re unsafe to drive, go back to point one and hail a cab for a ride home.

  • 101 Drinking Games

If you’re tired of making up your own drinking games you don’t have to worry because the Android app market has got you covered. This app has a vast collection of drinking games for you to pick from so just select one and get started for a fun night of partying with your friends.

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