Top 7 Weird Drinks in The World

Weird thrives in this vast world filled with a wide variety of humans. From clothes to shoes, food to drinks, you can find unusual things all around the globe.

So, here the top five most unusual drinks in the world to check out!


Pizza Beer

Yes, you read it correctly and probably guessed it too. Developed by a couple in Illinois, Pizza Beer was made by adding tomatoes, garlic, and herbs in the brewing process. The result: a beer that tastes uncannily like pizza. So, next time you are around a store that offers pizza in alcohol, give it a sip and try!

Horse Milk Alcohol

Horse milk alcohol, or as traditionally called Kumis, is made from horse milk and is a popular drink in countries like Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. This ancient drink is made by fermenting the laxative rich horse milk, and earliest records of it date back to fifth century BC. 

Kumis is very similar to beer in its alcohol content but is closer to wine production-wise. You can give this one a try if you are traveling around the areas where it’s made!

Snake Wine

To make this simple drink, you need rice wine and a snake. Yes, that’s right! It is a traditional Chinese drink and has been consumed by Chinese people since ancient times. However, it is also available in certain parts of India and south-east Asia. In earlier days, it was considered to be a medicine. Although it has venom, it doesn’t have any poisonous effect due to the effective neutralization by the alcohol content.

The Sourtoe Cocktail

Popular in the Yukon territory since 1973, this cocktail is one of the weirdest that I have heard about. Basically, you can make any drink a Sourtoe Cocktail by adding the special ingredient in it. And guess what that might be? Well, believe it or not, this “special” ingredient is a real preserved human toe!

Many people have donated toes to the shop that produces it. However, if you drink in the toe as well, you will be fined heavily! So, watch out.

Peruvian Frog Juice

To make this drink, you will need to catch a Peruvian frog, preferably from the banks of Titicaca lake, then kill it. After that, skin it and blend with aloe vera, honey, bean broth, and maca, which is an Andean root. Your milkshake-like, stinging drink is ready! 

Panda Dung Drink

Pandas absorb only 30% of the nutrient from bamboo shoots, and rest is passed out as a fecal matter. This dung is used in making a nutritious tea. Sounds so delicious right?

Three Lizard Liquor

As if it could not get any weirder, let me introduce you to the famous lizard drink. The ingredients are straightforward, three live lizards sealed in a jar of 75% alcohol. Keep it like that, and your three lizard liquor will be ready to be served!


That was only a few of the notable mentions since when it comes to weird, you should know that the varieties out there have no boundaries. So, muster up your courage, try one of these the next time you put on your traveling cap!

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