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Top Vampire Movies - Slosh Spot

Top Vampire Movies

Vampire movie

Vampire movies reach a wide audience, so it is fair to wonder why exactly vampire themed movies are so famous. Maybe it’s the tragedy of a blood-sucker who need to feed on humans to live eternally. Or maybe it is just the escapist fantasy of a supernatural creature who is powerful, immortal and charismatic. Witches and zombies are eye-catching as well, but vampires steal the show when it comes to horror movies. Let’s relive three of the most original, iconic and bloody vampire themed movies!

Dracula (1931)

Whether you’ve watched the 1931 version of Dracula or not, you must surely know that the titular villain is Bela Lugosi. Many watches have criticised the actor’s profuse Hungarian accented and over-acting, but the way he interprets Dracula really makes him look like a supernatural being. For the better or for the worse, the version of Dracula is immortalised in pop culture. Directed by Tod Browning, this movie was one of the first Hollywood Horror movies. Movies like Frankenstein, The Mummy and The Wolf Man were inspired by this movie. There is even a slot game, Dracula slots, themed on the same. Created by NetEnt, this slot game can be played at Booty Bingo, the best bingo site. This game tells another story about Dracula, and while you discover it, you can come across features like Wild Bonus, Free Spins and Stacked Wilds. Other games with top features are available at Booty Bingo.

Near Dark (1987)

Near Dark is a western horror movie which has been co-written and directed by Academy Award winner, Kathryn Bigelow. The movie is about a young man, Caleb Colton (Adrian Pasdar) who is a new vampire, recently bitten by Mae (Jenny Wright).  He joins the family of nomad-vampires, but is unwilling to kill people for their blood. Seeing Caleb’s reluctance, the other vampires start to grow impatient. The protagonist, however, decide to confront the nomads, after they show interest in his young sister, Sarah (Marcie Leeds). Despite being not so popular upon release, the movie slowly became a cult classic. If you are planning to watch this movie any time soon, you better have a brave heart! The special effects of this movie are quite realistic, despite that it was released years back!

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

Adam (Tom Hiddleston) and Eve (Tilda Swinton) are a young vampire couple who live in their crumbling manor in Detroit. Adam is a gifted engineer and most of his time, he creates inventions and musical instruments. However, after decades of leading the same life, the actor is bored and loses interest in living. He even considers killing himself as immortal life no longer suit him. To lift up his spirits, his wife Eve makes her younger sister (Mia Wasikowska) come to their house. The arrival of the troublesome young lady changes the couple’s life for the best. This supernatural drama which was released in 2013, has been directed by Jim Jarmusch. Even if it seems melancholic at first, this movie shows real love which surpasses the decades. It is simply a sentimental and melancholic movie, which is not mournful or depressing. And more than anything else, the movie is deeply human.

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