30 Things That Only Happen in Movies

We all enjoy watching movies, no matter how unrealistic they can be. It gives us the hope to find our very own Noah from The Notebook, or dream of getting our letter from Hogwarts, or imagine that we can fight like Jackie Chan. However, sometimes it is important to understand the difference between what happens in the movies, and what actually happens in real life. Given below are 30 humorous, yet true things that only happen in movies.

1. Most of the time, a poor girl falls in love with a rich boy and they have their Cinderella-themed happy ending.
2. If it is a Bollywood movie, it is usually a poor boy (probably with a widowed mother) who falls in love with the daughter of a rich man (or don), who usually despises the poor boy. How the poor boy fights for the love of his life and succeeds will form the plot of the movie.
3. In 8 out of 10 movies, the final scene will be a proposal at the airport, seconds before the lover boards the aircraft.
4. In our favorite chick-flicks, a shy and geeky girl magically transforms into the prettiest and most popular girl in school by just taking off her glasses.
5. In a horror or thriller movie, the girls still find the time to do their hair and makeup while they run away from the bad guy.
6. If you are dancing at a party, or out on the streets, everyone around you happens to know all the steps to the dance.
7. In almost every Bollywood movie, the lead actor and actress dance around a tree that comes out of nowhere!
8. It is okay to cheat on your boyfriend, and leave him if you fall in love with ‘the one’.
9. When it is raining, the lead couple prefers to kiss each other passionately rather than go running for shelter.
10. The lead actress always wakes up with her make up on and her hair set, and looks as radiant as ever.
11. The plot of every other chick flick: The captain of the football team is dating the head of the cheerleading squad (also known as the most popular girl in high school). A new girl joins the school, and the lead actor is instantly attracted to her. She is sweet, smart and somehow manages to ‘transform’ the lead actor’s life. They finally fall in love and live happily ever after.
12. Ever noticed how high school students don’t have to do their homework or study for an exam?
13. Blondes are dumb, and only like to shop and dress up.
14. When you switch on the television, the channel happens to broadcast some news that affects your life.
15. The police always show up after the lead actor has caught all the bad guys.
16. You can get out of a taxi and not pay the driver because you are in a hurry.
17. One man with no weapon is more than enough to fight against 10 villains equipped with guns, and will succeed in killing them all.
18. If your gun runs out of bullets, just toss it aside. You are bound to find another one lying next to the body of a bad guy you just killed with your bare hands.
19. Dogs and cats can speak.
20. People jump off a ten floor building like it is something that they do every day.
21. The lead actor can solve the case faster than the FBI can say ‘murder’!
22. If you are single and above 50 years, you are probably living with 12 cats.
23. Every investigation has some connection to a casino or a strip club.
24. You can see the Eiffel tower from any window in Paris.
25. Bollywood says that it is okay to stalk your lover because she eventually falls in love with you.
26. There’s a major explosion, and the hero is always able to walk away from it, unhurt.
27. The grocery bag always has a French loaf sticking out of it.
28. 15 year old girls look like 25 year old women.
29. Characters who are about to die always manage to give some crucial piece of information just before breathing their last.
30. As the hero in the film, you are automatically equipped with super powers like the ability to run faster than a cheetah, the strength to beat up 10 bad guys at once, and the charm to woo the one you love. You might even have the ability to read people’s minds, go back in time, or freeze anything that you touch.

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