Ways to Improve Your Target-Shooting Skills

Target Shooting skills

The American gun culture may earn the disapproval of the more conservative groups, but there’s more to it than just random shooting and the perpetuation of violence. There’s target shooting, a popular hobby among gun enthusiasts

Contrary to popular belief, target shooting is not about being trigger-happy. In fact, it requires a lot of mental and physical discipline, focus, and a great sense of responsibility to maintain safety.

For beginners, it will definitely take a lot of practice before you they can hit the bull’s-eye with precision. How does that happen? Here are a few tips.

The Handgun

The handgun is one of the more challenging guns you will ever learn to master. This is because of the extra pressure required for the trigger, the short sight radius, and the small size. This type of gun usually has an open sight, making it more difficult to aim, but here are ways to improve your shooting skills.

The Trigger Controls

Once your weapon is unloaded, reset the action, and balance a spent small brass piece on your front sight. Cleanly pull your trigger, and if you do it properly, your front sight will remain stationary and the brass will not fall off. If the brass does fall, you are jerking your trigger and missing shots. Continue practicing until the brass remains in place.

Your trigger should not be moved more than is necessary, or you will miss shots. The best way to determine your trigger’s slack point is to pull the trigger on your unloaded weapon, and relax your finger as it moves forward.

The tension will reset the trigger, and you can determine how much tension is required. Practice until you are certain how far your trigger must travel.

The Shooting Stance

Part of the shooting stance is your comfort level, but there are other factors. It is important to fully extend your arms, relax your shoulders, and keep your body leaning slightly forward.

Never lean back, and make certain your entire body is relaxed. This position will allow your body to absorb the force from the recoil. Save your best ammunition, and use cheap ammo for your practice sessions. You can find affordable ammo for sale online if there aren’t any brick and mortar shops nearby.

Bull’s-Eye Shooting

A lot of shooters are distracted by the pattern of the target and do not even realize it is happening. Try turning your target around so the face is blank, and focus on your trigger control.

Once the distraction has been removed, you can always adjust your target. This will help control you focus and improve your aim.

An excellent way to begin is by firing five rounds from three yards to warm up. Then move back to five yards, fire another five rounds, move back again to seven yards, and fire five additional rounds.

Once you have reached ten yards, fire an additional five rounds. By repeating this pattern, you will gain better control and increase your accuracy.

The Reset Technique

This technique will improve your follow-through and teach you how to feel your trigger reset. Aim at your target, use all your knowledge on proper marksmanship, and do not release your trigger. Hold down your trigger, release it until it resets, reestablish your sights, then pull the trigger. Pull the trigger again, release, reset, then immediately pull your trigger. Do not lose your sight during this process.

This will provide the ability to focus on your shot-to-shot recovery and help prevent missed shots. Continue with this exercise, and then resume normal shooting. You should see and feel a difference.

Last Reminders

It may be a cliché, but practice does make perfect. Determine your weaknesses, and practice in these areas. Once you have mastered your stance, sighting, aim, follow-through, and recoil, you will be amazed at your abilities.

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