Best Sexual Harassment Training Videos

Laws on Sexual Harassment are no laughing matter. In reality, anyone that has been on the receiving end of unwanted carnal advances knows that this can be one of the most difficult things to jump back from in the workplace. Especially if you are the one doing the harassing. These laws needed to be put into place when companies realized that people getting ahead at work, due to sexual favors, was just not the way to go. If you’ve had the pleasure to see Disclosure, then you know how many guys secretly wished they were in the place of Michael Douglas in that movie. Because seriously, who wouldn’t want to get a nice promotion and an office time screw from Demi Moore? But despite that, being taken advantage of, especially in a demeaning way, is a huge issue. Therefore, companies began showing employees videos regarding this problem. Here are some of the best – and by best we mean dumbest – sexual harassment training videos.

Old School Training

Despite the fact that sexual harassment has never been okay, it was more commonplace 30 years ago. But no matter what era you’re living in, being bullied into performing sexual favors for whatever reason should never be permitted. Seeing this grainy, old school training video though just makes the situation seem really funny. How many guys have you overheard in the office asking another guy if they want to cock fight? And I don’t mean actual roosters here. If training sessions are still taught this way, don’t expect anyone to take them seriously.

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