Best Sexual Harassment Training Videos

[tps_title]Proper Conduct in Modern Times…NOT![/tps_title]

To make matters clearer, this group of students decided to make a video about harassment using dolls. I mean, no matter what point you’re trying to put across, it’s going to be hard to take anything you’re seeing with a straight face. Even though the narration is done so sincerely, the fact that you’re watching Barbie and Ken interact in bathing suits is just nuts. And unless you have a job at Google, I highly doubt there will be any kind of swimming pool action, inappropriate or not, at your workplace. And I thought this new generation of kids is supposed to be more innovative than the last? I guess Forrest Gump got it right, “Stupid is as stupid does”.

The next time you get a new job and you’re forced to sit through one of these completely bizarre videos, remember a few notable things. If you see yourself as any of these characters, then make sure to hide your inner creep. Don’t touch anybody at your place of work unless you’re absolutely sure that they like the idea, even yourself. And if you must stare at the Jessica Rabbit like creature that happens to be your bosses spanking new executive assistant, try to be cool. Ask her out on a date like a normal guy. There’s always a 50/50 chance she may say yes and you’ll get a sexual encounter nonetheless, HR excluded.

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