The Tools You Need in Your Personal Grooming Kit

Shaving kit

In the not-too-distant past, it was common for men to have a set regimen that included several grooming “tools” and generally two or three types of natural oils. If you’re one of the organized men who is particular about grooming in the 21st century, it’s quite probable you have most of the items on the following list. It would be surprising if didn’t have about half of them, even if grooming isn’t at the top of your priority list.

You may not want to return to the days of men powdered wigs, an appearance that took quite a bit of time to apply and maintain. But you can find a happy place with some of these important items.

For the Nails

You might want to keep cuticle clippers and nail clippers as two helpful parts of your grooming kit. The first of these, the cuticle clippers or “nippers” should have a good concave blade so you can get to those small places around and under the nail. The second is a staple in most households, but you should make sure your clipper is sharp enough and of the right size. Have one for your fingernails and one for your toenails.

Tweeze and Fine Tune

It’s always a good idea to have a quality tweezers (stainless steel, surgical quality) on hand. Try to find tweezers that are balanced and comfortable to use. You might even disinfect them after use by letting them sit in boiling water for a few minutes.

The “fine tune” part of this small group is quite different from the basic and efficient tweezers. You might want to invest in a quality trimmer for the beard and the sideburns. They’ll be useful for other areas as well, including around the ears and eyebrows.

The Shaving Task

You can make shaving a more pleasant activity with the proper equipment. If you shave with gels, creams, and quality razor blades, you should have a nice shaving brush to help apply the cream. Include a quality razor in your kit, one that’s comfortable in the hand and has good balance. Don’t try to get by with cheap blades, because your face is worth it.

If you prefer to get a good, close shave in a high-tech fashion, make an electric shaver list and buy the best one you can afford.

Combs, Hair

When you trim your own hair to get it perfect, make sure you use a good comb, one about six or seven inches in length, with coarse and fine teeth. Look for flexibility as well, to make combing more comfortable. You may find, in combination with this comb, a high-quality hairbrush with bristles of boar’s hair. It’s the most comfortable way to brush your locks.

Last but Not Least

Have a good, electric toothbrush as a key part of your grooming set. Make sure you buy one with a rotating head, for the best performance. Once you’ve put this “tool kit” together, you’ll be prepared to look your best, all the time.

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