The 15 Ugliest Frontmen in Music

Have you ever wondered why so many hot chicks are often found dating really ugly guys? That’s probably because in these cases, most of those unbelievably bad looking men are rock stars. Either that, or they have huge wieners and know exactly how to use them. But mostly it’s because they’re rock stars. They say that if you choose to close off one of your senses, the rest of them are heightened. Good thing these dudes can all sing, or else they probably would never have gotten laid… like ever. And just to prove our point, we’ve made this list. Take a look at 15 of the ugliest front men in music.

1. Shane MacGowan

Shane MacGowan

There’s just no excuse for anyone to look as ugly as Shane MacGowan, especially if you earn enough money to do something about it. From his missing teeth, to his horrible overgrowth of hair and stubble, to the unforgivable dead look in his eyes due to alcohol and heroin abuse, he is just one hideous-looking dude. Lucky for him it was really love with his long-time girlfriend. For some reason she couldn’t live without him, even if she has to look at him all day, every day.


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