Beer Monopoly: Pass Go, Get Drunk.

The Monopoly board game has many different versions these days. During my time it was just good ole, regular Monopoly where Boardwalk was the dream and the Railroads were gold if you played your role smartly. Unless you’re a purist, then you don’t mind having all these new flavors to choose from. And if you’re a beer drinker, then this would definitely be the board game for you. Using either the miniature wine glass, beer bottle, shot glass or trashcan, everyone will get a chance to roll for the beloved Guinness or the more favored Samuel Adams’ Utopias. Better yet, all players get to Pass Go and Get Drunk. Not that we ever needed a board game to tell us so.

Monopoly Beer Lovers EditionMonopoly Beer Lovers EditionMonopoly Beer Lovers Edition

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