The 8 Best Celebrity Booze Advertisements

[tps_title]Claire Forlani, Dewar’s Scotch[/tps_title]

Best Celebrity Booze Advertisements - Claire Forlani for Dewar’s Scotch

Scotch, it’s such a manly drink. So who better to put on the label than an unbelievably sexy British actress like Claire Forlani, speaking with a fake Scottish accent to boot. I’m sure all men will agree that when they see an amazingly beautiful woman go up to the bar and order a whiskey neat, they get very turned on. Hell, they’d probably feel the same even if the girl scored a 5 on the attractive meter. Because a woman drinking scotch is just that impressive. Too bad men can’t say the same for their gender. They have to truly be physically attractive to get hit on, no matter what they’re drinking. Unless of course they can make a girl laugh, or get her drunk for that matter, then it’s a whole different ballgame.

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