6 Netflix Movies and Shows to Watch in 2021

Netflix never stops— literally. While all of us expected the entertainment industry to come to a standstill what with shooting being halted as the pandemic rages on, Netflix has continued to churn out movies and series continuously to no end.

This doesn’t mean that they have compromised on the quality of their content. In fact, Netflix is known to be one of the best OTT platforms around, and they have kept their reputation intact no matter what. On that note, here is our roundup of the movies and shows that have already been released in the past two months— and don’t worry, we have something for every kind of viewer!

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1. Malcolm and Marie

Released in early February, the Malcolm and Marie received mixed reviews from critics and audiences but is a must-watch for the actors’ performances. The film, beautifully shot and edited, traces a stormy night in the relationship between Malcolm, a director on the brink of Hollywood glory, and his girlfriend, as they mull and fight over past incidents and flaws.

2. Cobra Kai, Season 3

The Cobra Kai series, which itself is a follow-up to the numerous Karate Kid movies, returned for a third season in January 2021. With Ralph Macchio reprising the role of Daniel LaRusso again, the story follows Johnny Lawrence as he seeks redemption after 34 years from his loss at the 1984 All-Valley Karate Tournament by restarting the Cobra Kai dojo. At the very least, it packs a punch of nostalgia for older viewers!

3. 30 Minutes or Less

30 Minutes or Less is a comedy film from 2011 featuring Aziz Ansari and Jesse Eisenberg that came to Netflix on 1st January 2021. The movie is a wild ride from start to finish— a pizza delivery boy is suddenly accosted by a pair of crooks who tie a bomb to him and force him to rob a bank. The wacky storyline might seem over the top at first until you get to know that the movie was actually inspired by a tragic real-life incident!

4. History of Swear Words

Starring none other than Nicholas Cage, History of Swear Words is an insanely flashy show with profanity galore— it is definitely NSFW and not at all PG-13. As the name suggests, the show brings in familiar faces (the likes of Sarah Silverman, Jim Jeffries, and Nick Offerman), linguists, and history experts to break down some of the most popular and colorful parts of our notorious everyday language.

5. Outlander, Season 4

While Season 4 of Outlander is still running behind by two seasons (since Season 6 was confirmed a while ago), the fact that it has finally made it to Netflix is noteworthy. Based on the novel, Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon, the story follows Claire Randall as she is suddenly transported from the middle of her second honeymoon into 1734 after serving in World War II as a British Army nurse. The strange world threatens her life and she is forced to take complicated decisions to survive.

6. The White Tiger

A Netflix Original film, The White Tiger is an adaptation of Aravind Adiga’s novel of the same name. The rags-to-riches story follows a spirited driver who slyly beats all odds to escape poverty and become a successful businessman. The film is shot beautifully and the razor-sharp wit is bound to keep you endlessly entertained.

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