How Casinos Inspired Some of the Greatest Movies

The film industry has given people lots of films to watch. Since it isn’t going any time soon, that number will grow in the coming years. But there are certain movies that can be considered legendary because of the way they were made. They’ve transcended time and became classics. Some of them happen to be casino movies.

Just like this sector, the casino industry is pretty big, so it’s no surprise that it’s influenced some of the biggest filmmakers. This industry is mostly online nowadays with lots of sites available. Casino enthusiasts can enjoy lots of table games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and plenty of slots at these online venues. They can even go for the best casino bonus or go for the live section of a site. The most important thing to remember about visiting these sites and playing these games is to do so responsibly.

There are lots of examples of movies that have been influenced by the casino sphere. In that regard, here are some titles you might have heard of:


It isn’t the entire industry per se, but certain casino games and events related to them that inspired some decent movies. 21 is one such example and with a title like that, you’ll know it has something to do with blackjack. It’s based on the story about the MIT blackjack team that went to casinos in Vegas and made off with some pretty big prizes. In the movie, a math professor gets together a team of 5 students and teaches them how to count cards. The brilliant professor is portrayed by Kevin Spacey. Besides being a blackjack movie 21 has a good story and a nice twist at the end that will leave you wanting for more.

The Ocean’s Trilogy

This is a franchise that’s made up of 3 heist movies. The heists are done for different reasons as you’ll see when you watch them. They show you that gaming venues aren’t strangers to theft but focus more on the thieves. Still, they can be labeled as casino movies. Danny Ocean is the main man in this film and he creates a crew of 11, 12, and 13 people to perform heists. Another interesting thing about this franchise is that it features heavyweights like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Bernie Mack, Julia Roberts, and more. With stars like these you know you can expect excellent movies, and the franchise doesn’t disappoint.


Mike is a poker addict that manages to put himself through law school by playing illegal poker games. One night he loses all his money and decides to never play poker again. That all changes when his friend Worm is released from prison and asks Mike to help him pay out a loan. Worm gets Mike in trouble and it all comes down to a single poker game in the end. Will Mike make it? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out. By the way, Rounders features Matt Damon and Edward Norton so you can expect a brilliant performance.

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