The 15 Oldest Bars in the United States

10. Griswold Inn Taproom

Griswold Inn Taproom

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Address: 35 Main Street, Essex CT 06426, United States

Established: 1776

This bar thrives to entertain, and as you can see, it’s certainly done a good job. On any night of week, you’ll hear live music – blues, swing, and all the other genres in between. People just don’t come for entertainment. The patrons keep coming back for its commended cocktails and exclusive martinis. The bar also boasts of its wide selection of the world’s best beers and wines. If you’re an art aficionado, you can get your fix here as well. Every art piece comes with a good story behind it. The bar must have been that good because they remained open even during the Prohibition. It’s apparently more powerful than Al Capone himself.


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