9 Things You Need to Know to Survive a Rave

If you’re a child of the 90’s, then you’ll definitely know what people mean when they say the word rave.  Although rave parties were first introduced in the early days of the Madonna era, they didn’t gain worldwide popularity until later. Considering what a crazy experience raves are, with its hypnotic strobe lights, heavy techno beats and thousands of party people, it’s definitely something to experience, at least once in your lifetime. So the next time you get the chance to attend such events like the Electric Daisy Carnival or Tomorrowland, here are 9 things you need to know to survive them.

Know your rave

Know your rave

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One of the first things you should do when deciding on attending a rave is to know what kind you’re participating in. Electronic Dance Music, Techno Trance or Trap House are a few of the variations you’ll find. Whether it’s quicker beats you like, or slightly more trippy sounds, the gist of a rave is pretty much the same. Remember the acronym P.L.U.R.R. Made up by the rave going community? It stands for “Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Responsibility”. If you can follow these 5 rules, then you’re on the right track.


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