9 Things You Need to Know to Survive a Rave

[tps_title]Bring the proper supplies[/tps_title]

Bring the proper supplies

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Every raver knows that five musthaves to attend a massive party: a water bottle, glow sticks, a camera, shades and emergency money. Firstly, you’ll definitely need all the water you can get as you’ll be sweaty and tired within the first 2 hours of arrival. The glow sticks help enhance the fun, and, supposedly, the blue ones are the best to trip out on. Cameras, on the other hand, are pretty much self-explanatory. Just make sure you remember to delete evidence in case your folks decide to take a look at what you did during “bowling night”. The shades are to help shield your eyes from all the craziness. Even if that’s the whole reason you go to a rave, it may be a bit much to take more than a few hours at a time. Lastly, emergency money is really just for the offhand chance that your friends end up leaving you without a ride home. Better than having to beg for a ride from the weird 60-year-old guy who thinks he’s still in Woodstock.


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