Trailer Park Boys: The Timeless Wisdom of Bubbles

If you’ve heard of Trailer Park Boys, then I must assume that you are either (a) Canadian, (b) Britney Spears and you needed to touch base with your white trash roots, or (c) very, very stoned.  But let’s give Canada a break for once. Some might even say that TPB is the best show to ever come from the Canuks, or, as we like to call them, America’s Attic dwellers. If you find yourself in need of a little timeless wisdom, why not take it from the mouth of Bubbles, the show’s most beloved character.

Timeless Wisdom With Bubbles

Trailer Park Boys' Bubbles on Friendship

Growing up in a trailer park must have some advantages. Not having to go to school, getting to sleep with your cousin and making lots of new trailer trash friends. Plus nobody looks twice when you punch your friends in the nuts while calling him “cracker” to his face.


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