Trailer Park Boys: The Timeless Wisdom of Bubbles

Trailer Park Boys' Bubbles on Future Aspirations

Just ask the beard toting, handkerchief wearing, whistle blowing dudes from Duck Dynasty about this one. I highly doubt they ever believed they’d have more money than they’d know what to do with. Who knew that rednecks could get that rich? Maybe it’s just dumb luck, but for what it’s worth, these bastards sure do have it good.

Trailer Park Boys' Bubbles on Man Action

If you’ve watched this show, then one can also assume that you get your daily dose of Jerry Springer. Can it even get more white trash than that? Either you’ve had sex with your sister’s baby daddy, was once a man but is now a woman, or got caught getting it on like they do in the navy. All I know is that nothing is off limits for Jerry, especially not those red neck cowboys from Bareback Mountain.


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