6 Technologies That Could Benefit From the Gmail Goggles Concept

[tps_title]Foursquare Goggles[/tps_title]

Foursquare Goggles

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Have you ever had any political aspirations of possibly being mayor of some small town? Foursquare can make these dreams come true, kind of. The basis of this “game” is to earn points by checking in to as many places as possible, as well as find new areas in the community, earning points and gaining badges along the way. Considering that it uses a GPS system to track your location, it may be advisable to turn this application off while on a night out. It would have been nice to have those goggles in place before you decided to tell your boss you couldn’t make it to work in the morning because of a bad case of stomach flu. He didn’t need to know that it was due to tequila and not because of a bad oyster. Too bad he saw that you were in Rehab, the bar down the street from your office, rather than in Red Lobster.

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