6 Technologies That Could Benefit From the Gmail Goggles Concept

[tps_title]Pinterest Goggles[/tps_title]

Pinterest Goggles

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Here’s one site where sharing ideas is as easy as counting one, two, three. Too easy, in fact, that you’re kind of kicking yourself for sharing your latest board of favorite sexual positions from the Kama Sutra while having that bottle of wine with your wife last night.  At least if there were some precautionary measures to get through, you sure wouldn’t be posting the latest recipe for great sexual encounters. And you wouldn’t have to worry that your mother-in-law would see exactly how you enjoy doing the nasty with her only daughter. Good thing you don’t have any actual pictures of yourselves, or else you may not be invited over for the next family dinner.

So the next time you think of signing up for the social media marvel, think about whether you need a pair of “Gmail Goggles” while using it. Because just in case the beer goggles are on at the same time, there’s no telling what exactly you might post, tweet, upload, Instagram, update on Facebook or where you’ll check in.  

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