Redbox Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

[tps_title]9. Always use your credit card[/tps_title]

Redbox Etiquette - Always use your credit card

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Everyone should know this, especially the customers of Redbox. If that halfwit in front of you doesn’t get it, tell him to read the guidelines first. This person could also be the recipient of your Redbox rage. If you don’t have the plastic, then you’re not going home with anything – it’s as simple as that. If he doesn’t have his card with him, he has no choice but to get out of the line and go home. Let hell freeze over first before he asks to pay with your credit card.

Some of the Redbox customers are positively annoying, but hey, it takes all kinds to make the world. You can expect to come across idiots every once in a while. The important thing right now is that you’re not the dimwit that everyone is referring to. Just keep these guidelines in mind and you’re good as gold.

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