Why Tailgate Parties Were Better 20-30 Years Ago

[tps_title]The universities and the police are trying to stifle tradition[/tps_title]

Tailgate Parties Were Fun - The universities and the police are trying to stifle tradition

The authorities and the universities have been working in collaboration to halt tailgate parties altogether. How dare they break tradition! Tailgate parties are as American as hamburger. There’s no denying that their intentions are good, but they’ve been too strict about it. Try to pull out that cooler from your car and you’ll have the cops descend upon you. Years back, no one would dare interrupt your fun. You were free to do whatever you pleased. All you had to do was sit back and relax. In fact, a cop after a shift would have probably joined you in the merriment.

If you think you know how to party, you better think again. Tailgate parties back then deserve a page in history. With the hot women, shirtless men, overflowing booze, and unlimited doobies, you’d be lucky if you remembered at least half of the night. Still, it’s what made the whole event fun.

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