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5 Great Uses of Gift Ribbons - Slosh Spot

5 Great Uses of Gift Ribbons


Gift ribbons are extremely versatile and ensure the recipient of a gift gets a smart looking present. But, would you say that ribbons should only be used when giving a gift to someone? Hardly, there are many more uses for beautifully designed ribbons than what people would give them credit for. Let’s look at 5 ways to use gift ribbons.

All it takes is a bit of thinking out of the box to come up with ideas in using ribbons elsewhere. With a single roll of ribbon you can accomplish a lot of things. Below are some innovative, yet fun ways to utilize gift ribbons:

1) Ladies going out for the evening will find it useful to adorn their stilettos with a colorful satin ribbon, tied to the front end for all to see. Even better, imagine having your name printed on the ribbon. What a way to make an entrance on a night out. You could even attach a hair clip to your ribbon to adorn your hair with.

2) Wall art – Effectively, you could make a couple of smaller bow ties to showcase your artwork using ribbon and glue it onto textured canvas before framing it

3) Tie up your curtains. What better way to achieve a feminine look in your home than using gift ribbons to tie your curtains with. Your friends and family will love the stylish appeal the tie backs in ribbon form bring to your living space. It easy to pull this off as you only need to visit labelsandribbon.com in order to discover some innovative uses for gift ribbons, which includes personalizing your gift wrapping, all sorts of packaging and more..

4) Have you thought of hanging your jewelry on a colorful piece of ribbon. Besides the fact that it will look attractive, it serves as a practical way to always find the right piece of jewelry for any occasion or event. Talking about decorating your personals. Cosmetic bags are very easy to decorate using ribbons in various shapes, sizes and colors.

5) How about creating personal accessories such as headbands, necklaces, belts and bracelets. All you need is a bit of imagination, some colorful gift ribbon to put together stylish personals that are inexpensive to make and uniquely different to anything else out there.

One more thing. Rather than discarding of gift ribbons given to you, why don’t you re-use them on another occasion? You never know when it is your turn to magically come up with some innovative ways to decorate a personal gift for someone close to you.

Leftover bows often come in handy to put on birthday cards or as a personal thank you note when someone went out of their way to make life easier for you. Ribbons can even be added as a tiny bow onto the frame of your favorite family portrait.

Who would have thought that gift ribbons have so many more uses. It is so easy if you know where to look and how to make use of various thought provoking ideas when it comes to gift ribbon. You may want to visit labelsandribbon.com next time you want some colorful ways to add some spice to your life or surprise someone with a nice gift.

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