5 Top Gaming Laptops for 2016


If you want a Nvidia Shield gaming tablet but do not have the capital to invest in a dedicated piece of hardware, you will need to consider a multi-purpose alternative that offers far greater value. Fortunately, there are a number of gaming laptops available to suit such a need, including our following list of the top five: –

Alienware 17

 This is a staple product among gamers, who appreciate the high quality graphics and audio performance that it delivers. It even possesses a Graphics Amplifier that creates an even more immersive experience, although such features come at a considerable cost. The touch version costs a staggering £1,500 for example, while the standard model comes in at £1,000.

Asus ROG G751JY

 This is a product for avid or thoughtful gamers, as in addition to excellent graphics and visual enhancement features it also includes an intuitive dual-fan cooling system. This protects against over-heating, enabling longer and more substantial gaming sessions. If you like to find more bingo games, it also negates the risk of power being lost at a crucial moment.

Aorsus X7 Pro

 Aorsus is known as a hardcore gaming company, and one which includes a number of devices designed to give players a unique edge. Take the X7 Pro, for example, which includes features such as an anti-ghosting keyboard with compact icons that are ideal for quick or repeated tapping. You must pay for such dedicated excellence and a wonderful gaming experience, however, to the tune of £1,800.

Origin PC Eon15-X

 Offering power and performance behind an impressive LED screen, this is a reasonably priced gaming laptop that is sleek and easy to use. It is apparently the lightest and most portable laptop to feature sixth generation Intel Core i7 desktop processors, meaning that it ticks many of the boxes among consumers.

Lenovo Y50 Touch 4K

 Finally, we come to the Y50 Touch by laptop leaders’ Lenovo. Designed purely for the gamer, it offers a unique backlit keyword and rounded keys that deliver far greater accuracy during rapid gameplay. Above all else it has a 4K game display, so keep your eyes open for this when comparing the market.



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