7 Best College Theme Party Ideas

College theme party

College life is fun. It is an understatement though. Every individual’s college life is unique. It can be called an emotional rollercoaster. As you struggle with the transition of growing up, you have studies, sports, family, extracurricular activities, friends and the society to deal with. That’s when the fun face of college life rescues you.

Isn’t it incomplete without the parties? College theme parties are a necessity and almost like a ritual you need to get through. Let’s try out 7 of these best themes for your college party!

1. Masquerade is a known but popular idea. This theme can never get old. The scope it has to get crazy gets the party skyrocketing popular. Very much in and happening all the time, you can try out the very trendy masks, the scary masks, the sexy masks, the angelic masks and the masks that say you are the ‘it’ and ‘cool’ person. Though a masquerade is more common during Halloween, you can get it geared up even for a weekend party.

2. ABC (Anything But Clothes) doesn’t mean you get in naked, but that you need to fashion your clothes from any other material but the usual cloth materials. Paper is very common. This can get crazy, and can get artists and fashionistas brain storming. Plastics, bags, newspaper, ropes, etc. can be used.

3. Greek Myth theme centers on the ever popular Greek mythology fancy and craze. Who doesn’t love reading about the Greek stories? The Greek beauties with their chiseled faces always hold us in awe. So here’s one theme most people may find exciting.

4. Cowboy theme works in the west for definite. The Wild West has its own appeal and cowboys even more. Get yourself a cacti costume of the desert. Be the hunky cowboy riding around a sandy desert. Now this party can get real fun.

5. Decade parties and the retro feel gets a crowd going. The ‘80s is a decade everyone around the world likes to recreate. Energy filled and colourful to the maximum, it has people wanting the party to never stop. Retro outfits and retro music and décor will have this theme doing its rock n roll.

6. Luau is the loved Halloween parties. The best parties for the summer and right before the next semester begins. It is very refreshing with the Hawaiian colours and their drinks like the pina coladas and the Malibu rums served in coconuts. The Hawaiian shirts also get the trend set for this party.

7. Black Light parties have black light bulbs instead of your regular lights. A fun party for the party people where all have to wear only white tee shirts on which you can write or draw on using highlighters getting the tee shirts to glow in these lights. As people socialize they have a good laugh as they read each other’s’ tee shirts.

Get your party started! Fix a trendy theme and have all your peeps getting crazy right there for your break of a night.

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