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The Joy of Vaping CBD And Should You Start? - Slosh Spot

The Joy of Vaping CBD And Should You Start?


Let’s face it, vaping is fun. It has the aspects of smoking people seem to love without the stink and health risks. Vaping with CBD vape juice is even better thanks to being nicotine free and as safe as possible.

Below we’ll look at what makes vaping CBD so good and what kinds of CBD there is out there so you can get the best one for your tastes and needs.

CBD Vape Oil – The Basics

Before we dive into what choice you have for CBD oil vape and what the best CBD vape juice might be for you, we should really talk about what CBD is and why it matters to you.

Until recently, when someone talked about cannabis you assumed they were talking about marijuana. Today however, there’s more than the psychoactive THC that makes marijuana users high.

By extracting cannabidiol, or CBD from hemp, we’re able to get all the health benefits of cannabis without the need to get high in the process.

CBD works on a newly discovered system in the human body known as the endocannabinoid system. Found in every vertebrate creature, this system aids our bodies in regulating homeostasis and adjusting mood, motor control, memory, appetite, and pain perception as well as regulating sleep for us.

CBD works on this system to aid it in gently and safely regulating these systems to help us feel calm, relaxed, in-control, and pain free.

CBD Oil Vape Choices

There are a few ways for you to get your CBD fix, but we’ll look at the vaping options here. When talking about CBD Vape Juice there are two main options to think about. The first is an add-on juice that gets mixed in with your favorite vape flavors.

These are largely flavorless but are often concentrated to give you a good mix with the existing juice. These are great for being able to use your own flavor with them, but can be inconsistent with the dose you receive, since you’re doing your own measurements.

The other option for juice is a pre-mixed CBD juice that comes in a variety of flavors, ready to go into your dripper or tank. This is a great option for ease of use and consistency every puff.

The other major type of CBD vaping is CBD vape oil. This method foregoes the typical box or tube mod for a pen-type mod that has a tank filled with a thick oil that is highly concentrated CBD.

This concentrated oil cuts back on the number of hits you need to take and allows you to treat the CBD oil vape more like a dosed medication than a recreational vape device. Where you would need multiple hits on a standard vape device, you only need 1 to 2 of CBD oil.

So which is better? If you’d rather quit smoking and replace it with vaping, then you’re already used to using something to “smoke” on a regular basis, so the vape juice might work best. If however, you want quick and easy, then CBD oil is the way to go.

Best CBD Vape Juice – Using the Right Device

Finding the best CBD vape juice for you isn’t as easy as it sounds, as you can see, but what about the device you use that juice in? There isn’t much to choose from when talking about CBD oil, so we’ll focus on devices for vaping CBD juice.

But first, what is a vape device? Simply put, these are electronic devices that contain a heating element, atomizer, and battery to power it. These are commonly known as a coil, tank, and battery.

The coil and battery go into what is known as the “mod” and the tank sits on top. You fill the tank with vape juice, heat the coil using the battery, and the juice is vaporized, making the vapor you inhale.

The first vape devices to become popular were the Tube Mods, also known as Mech Mods, since they had no safety electronics inside, just the absolute minimum basics listed above. These are great but are tough to start using and dangerous to new vapers.

Next up is the Box Mod. These are more technological vape devices that have screens and can control temperature and wattage based on what you need. These are safe, easy to learn, and give the best overall experience. A box mod with a good sub-ohm tank is the best CBD vape juice device for all-around use.

Pod Devices are another option, and while great for portability and usability, these operate at lower wattage levels than other devices, making them not ideal for CBD juice. Unlike their CBD vape oil counterparts, which also operate at lower wattages, works well for oil and can mask flavors in juice.

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