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7 Netflix Shows that are a must Watch - Slosh Spot

7 Netflix Shows that are a must Watch


Are you a Netflix originals fan too? Well, so are countless others. With a humongous amount of series being released all the time, sometimes, it becomes difficult to decide what to watch, and what not to watch. Seeing the dilemma of countless other people, we have decided to compile a list of the top 7 series to watch in 2018. This will effectively put a brake on your scattered watch list, and you can watch some really great series! With this list, you can at least prioritize your watch list. From comedy, drama, science fiction, dystopian, and crime, all the genres have been thoroughly covered.  So, read through these amazing series, and decide for yourself.

  1. Altered Carbon

This science-fiction series created by LaetaKalogridis, is based on the novel written by Richard K. Morgan. This riveting series takes place in the year 2384. Tampering with memories, making physical bodies, and one intriguing murder mystery is the whole essence of this series. Start binge-watching it to know exactly how intricate and confusing the plot is!

  1. Arrested Development

With the 5th season of this hilariously dysfunctional real-estate family getting released on Netflix this year, Arrested Development will finally stream the eccentricities of this narcissist family. A nice dysfunctional family puts a smile on everyone’s face, right? It’s absolutely filled with stupidity, and originality.With a dash of comedy, and a whole lot of love, this family comes again to plaster a huge smile on your face!

  1. Black Lightning

This American Superhero TV series has been developed by Salim Akil. Based on the DC comics, this TV series is the heartthrob of every DC fan out there! What is the life of a retired superhero? Well, find out what exactly goes onin a superhero’s family life when he has to take up the role of the Black Lightning again, in this comically fantastic series!

  1. Good Girls

Created by Jenna Bans, this crime-comedy-drama series portrays three suburban moms who suddenly find themselves in very desperate circumstances. So, of course, they decide to stop taking the safe bet, and risk everything to get out of those circumstances. Forced to rob a local grocery store, the trio find themselves in deep trouble when they cross paths with the local gang. Hilarious, but still, emotional, this series will make you want to laugh and cry at the same time.

  1. Black Mirror

This dystopian series by Charlie Brooker is a fantastic work of fiction on his part. Showing the unanticipated results of new technology, he comes back with a new season to keep the audience glued to their screens. This dark and satirical series compiles a set of standalone episodes which are usually set in an alternative present or near future. Examine the modern society side-by-side with the series, and enjoy the hair-raising adventures to your fullest.

  1. The Crown

With the 2nd season of The Crown released in Dec, 2017, the crowd has been going berserk over Queen Elizabeth’s II life after the Suez crisis. A biographical series, this effectively captures our attention to Queen Elizabeth II’ reign in the United Kingdom, and also her rise to power. With a titillating historical drama in lieu, The Crown has earned millions of fanbase already. Get a bit British, and start binge-watching this historically riveting life of Queen Elizabeth II.

  1. The Confession Tapes

This is literally the best crime series in Netflix till date. With a series of 6 episodes, each having a different confession, and a different view as to how the murder must have happened, this series is a journey towards unraveling the mystery of the murder. The false confessions, miscarriages, and a lot of other factors, confuse, as well as misguide you. Let’s see if you can solve it or not

So, are you itching to start binge-watching yet? Well, get on then! Start watching these amazing TV series before new ones come up. Choose your favorite genre, get a tub full of popcorns, and get comfy. You are in for a night of fun! Gather your friends, or stay alone, your choice. But, do watch these amazing and new releases as soon as possible!

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