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15 Best Beer Olympics Games To Play At Next Beer Olympic - Slosh Spot

15 Best Beer Olympics Games To Play At Next Beer Olympic

What would beer consumption sound like if it were a professional sport at the Olympics? Would there be a single type of beer as a worldwide standard, or would there be several types of beer? Is the United States the gold medal favourite? You can start thinking about organizing the first Beer Olympic Games ever!

In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about the beer Olympics games and how to play them, so stay tuned.

What Is the Beer Olympics?

It comprises a series of drinking games performed by teams of individuals, with the ultimate winner selected at the end of the tournament.

Each participant must bring a full glass of beer and a ball. It is suggested that one individual tries to get their ball into their cup first. A ball is placed in the cup, the player must gulp a beer, and the ball is passed to the next player. Teams that come in the first place are the first-rounders.

There are no further regulations than having an equal number of players on each team. There is no maximum number of teams, but there must be at least four. To prevent one team from having an edge, both teams should have the same number of girls. It is suggested that each side have 15-20 cans of beer on hand for each player.

Country Options To Choose 

For generations, drinking beer has been a common pastime in the United States.

In some cases, the quality and content of beer made in other nations dates back hundreds of years. Foreign beers are far superior to American brands, except for American craft brews. 

The American advantage is that drinking has been promoted as a competition for many young people. Many future American beer Olympians have been baptized by gallons of Bud Light, foam, and embarrassment in their early years, from drinking beer the quickest to exhibiting skill, aim, and calm nerves with quarters and ping-pong balls.

Things You Will Need To Play

There are two groups of two, each with a pint of beer. The command “GO!” has been issued. The first team member sips their pint while holding the empty glass upside down over their heads. They begin drinking as soon as they do, and the next person does the same. We choose the winner based on who finishes all of their beers first.

Each of the four Beer Olympics competitions will last one hour. We shall proclaim the winner of the most events as the Beer Olympics champion. If there is a tie, the victor will be determined by playing Beer Pong in a sudden death round.

Before the event, You’ll want to stay motivated and prepare for the event three days ahead of time.

A few things you should keep in mind:

  • Make sure you get adequate sleep and eat frequently.
  • If you’re drinking, lean your head back slightly. 
  • Make sure you have sufficient oxygen in your lungs before drinking. 
  • Take your time. 
  • Do not consume any alcohol before the games. 
  • Recognize your own limitations.
  • Eat Healthily.

Here are the Best Beer Olympics Games :

Best Beer Olympics Games

beer pong

Beer Pong

It is the most well-known of the beer Olympics games. You need to place 10 cups in the shape of a triangle, half-fill them with beer, and have two teams of two players compete by sinking ping pong balls into each other. The ball must be chugged in whatever cup it lands in. There are a lot of different rules for this game, so select and choose whatever ones you wish to use, but make sure everyone is aware of them!

Never have I Ever

This is probably a game you remember from childhood. Someone states something you’ve never done before, and you raise your hand if you have. The 21+ edition of this game, on the other hand, requires you to put down a finger. You down a large mouthful of beer for what all you’ve done. Any player who rests all of their fingers on the table is eliminated.

Beer Relay

This game appears to be simple at first glance, but don’t be fooled. Create a finish line that is a short distance from the beginning site. Upon “go,” everybody aligns perfectly and chugs a whole can of beer before sprinting to the other side and returning, followed by the next teammate in line who chugs their beer and sprints to the finish and back on until everyone has gone. The winner is the squad that finishes the race first!

Outdoor Beer Olympics Games 

outdoor Beer Olympics Games 


This is a terrific way to get things started, or it may be used throughout the game! Play “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC and form a circle. When the first word of “thunder” in the song is heard, one person begins to chug and continues to drink until the next mention of “thunder” is heard, at which point it passes to the person on their right. The following person drinks every time the word “thunder” is used. It sounds simple enough, but wait till you’re trapped drinking during a guitar solo!

Civil War

There were 6 players in this game, 3 vs. 3. Each participant has their own set of cups in front of them, and the goal is to get as many ping pongballs into the cups as possible in a quick-fire game to get rid of them. In addition, every time a ball lands in your cup, you must drink it and stop firing until the cup is empty.

Tall Boy Beers

“Tall Boy Beers” are larger versions of your favorite beers that measure 16 fluid ounces. Gather a variety of brands – enough for each person – and arrange them in unlabeled brown paper bags. Place them on the table and shuffle them about while everyone’s eyes are closed. Then, at random, each person selects a bag and opens it to reveal their decision. Everyone must finish their tallboy beer within the time limit set by the group.

Team Drinking Games For Beer Olympics

Dizzy Bat

Fill your toy wiffle ball bat with beer and guzzle it out of the tiny hole on the bottom of the handle. You must spin in a circle, gazing down, with the bat pushed to your forehead, whatever the number of seconds it requires for you to succeed. Then attempt to strike the wiffle ball that is tossed your way!

Big Bucket Challenge

Pour one full beer into a big receptacle (pitcher, bucket, blender, whatever you have on hand!) for each team member. On “go,” each team will attempt to finish a large amount of alcohol without spilling any of it. The winning team is the one who finishes first with no spilling.

Two tables are lined up on opposite sides of a table, each with a cup half-filled with an equal amount of beer. At the conclusion, the first two players tap their cups on the table, applaud each other, tap them again on the table, and start chugging. After the beer has been consumed, lay the cup on the table’s edge and try to flip it over so that it rests bottom-up. The next player in line gets to go when the cup lands bottom-up, repeating the procedure. Whichever team flips their cup first with all of their players wins!

Indoor Beer Olympics Games

Beer Ball

In groups of two or four, arrange as many full beer cans as participants along both sides of the table. Each participant grabs ping pong balls and attempts to strike the cans. When the can is hit, the player in front of it must open it and guzzle it completely.

Case Race

It is just as it sounds. Each team competes against the other teams to complete a 30-pack case of beers using whatever methods possible. However, no beers should be thrown away! All cans must be consumed.


Each person has their cup, and they are placed in a circle with one cup in the center. One player attempts to bounce a ping pong ball into a beer cup, and whoever’s cup the ball falls in must fast guzzle what’s in their cup and refill it. If the ball falls in the center-most cup, everyone must drink their cup while attempting to flip their cups upside down. If the ball falls on the surface and not in any of the cups, it is transferred to the person on their left.

Beer Olympics Games Ideas 

Stack Cup

Similar to Slap cup, but instead of slapping their cup away from them, you stack your empty cup on top of them as they try to get the ball in. The stack of cups will eventually grow so tall that getting the ball into the cup will become more challenging!


This is a card game with rules for each card chosen; play through the entire deck to have fun, and get to know more about the other players.

Build a Tower

Each team has two minutes to stack empty cans on top of one another; the team that can build the tallest tower without tumbling wins! It may appear simple, but beer cans are flimsy; the challenge is knowing when you are done with the tower without it plummeting.

How can I host a better beer Olympics?

Yes, you can host your own Beer Olympics with a group of people and have a lot of fun doing so. All you need is a little planning, and by organizing the games mentioned above according, you will have a great time!

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