Cocktails Around The World

Traveling and food go hand in hand. The flavor of a region lies in its food, people, and culture. Visiting a new country entails tasting the local cuisine and the traditional food delicacies. While food is a great conversation starter, having friendly banter over drinks is considered the perfect way to explore and understand a country’s people. 

Pick up the deliciously crafted cocktail from a watering hole near you, meet and interact with the natives and be enamored by your new surroundings. A glass of sangria while enjoying the Spanish tapas in Barcelona or take in the flavor of a refreshing margarita while enjoying the Mexican sun. 

You are ready for that next party with some enviable cocktail trivia. Let us visit the countries and experience their cocktails. 

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This Spanish delight is an effervescent mix of red wine, brandy, and fruit in its fermented form and enjoyed with the delectable Spanish tapas. The origins of sangria date back to the Middle Ages as a replacement of water for hydration purposes as the water was laden with virus-carrying bacteria back then. Indulge yourself in an evening of traditional flamenco performance with the native sangria. 

Pina Colada

A relatively recent invention in the world of cocktails, pina colada, was first concocted in 1954 by Ramon “Monchito” Marrero at the Caribe Hilton in San Juan. It is a fresh mix of rum, pineapple, and coconut cream reflecting the Puerto Rican paradise’s tropical flavor. 


It is a delightful blend of Cachaca, a rum-like liquor made from sugar-cane juice, lime, and brown sugar. Some say that caipirinha was blended and consumed during the Spanish Flu pandemic due to the lime and its high vitamin C levels. The rest believe that the social gatherings at the farms in Sao Paulo saw the first traces of the Caipirinha blends. A fun-filled night of samba accompanied with the Brazilian signature cocktail- Caipirinha; is the perfect way to enjoy Brazil.  

Aperol Spritz

It has become the summer cocktail of choice ubiquitously. The Barbieri brothers from Padua, Italy, first blended Aperol using oranges, herbs, and roots giving it a flavor of sweet, citrusy with a tinge of bitterness. The main recipe is still top-secret. In the 1950s, Aperol made promotions to have it combined with Spritz, meaning splash in German. This advertising campaign gave birth to the summery Italian drink, now famously called Aperol Spritz.


The sunny shores of Mexico and margarita are the most envious vacation combination. Margarita is a famous Mexican cocktail with a blend of citrus juice (mostly lime juice), rum, and Cointreau. A fun drink now famously served in bars all across the world is a splendid summer cooler. 


From the heavenly Havana comes mojito. A perfect concoction of the vastly available Cuban rum, sugar, mint, and lime juice, the mojito is the most preferred summer cocktail worldwide. “La Bodeguita del Medio” is a reputed bar in Havana to visit for its sublime mojitos. Ernest Hemingway was regular at this bar after he moved to Havana during the prohibition of 1939. 

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